Using Your Renovation to Boost Home Security

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When you decide to carry out some renovations to your home there are sure to be plenty of things that you want to do in order to improve the house. Even if you already have your dream property, you could make it better by adding some personal touches to it.

Sure, this is a great time to make the place look better, but wouldn’t you want to take the opportunity to boost the security at the same time? Well, you can do that by trying out any of the following home security ideas.


Add a Burglar Alarm System

The simplest and most effective way of protecting your home and your family is with a burglar alarm system. The truth is that this is an easier enhancement to make to a property than you might think, meaning that it is the sort of security feature you can add at any time.

However, if you still haven’t done this then when you are carrying out some renovations could be the ideal time to do so. Of course, with modern wireless alarm systems you don’t need to worry too much about the installation, as the lack of wires makes it easy to add to any house.

If you are making your home more attractive with the renovation work then you will be pleased to add an extra level of security in this way too. For more details on what a modern alarm system covers, you should visit site to see what features they now offer.


Better Locks

If the work you are getting done at home involves new doors or windows then this is a fine chance for you to put some better locks on them. After all, getting past weak locks is one of the easiest ways for criminals to break into a property.

By adding some modern, efficient locks to your home you immediately make it far more difficult for a thief to get into it. This doesn’t have to be a particularly or troublesome thing to do either, as good locks are often competitively priced and easy to install.

As an added bonus, if you fit better locks or a good burglar alarm then you might also get awarded a decent security discount from your home insurance company as a result.


Add More Lights

A well- lit property is far more off-putting for a criminal who is looking for an easy target. If your home is currently a little dark even when all the lights are on then it could be time to add more lights.

This is particularly important when it comes to outdoor lighting. Many homeowners neglect to light their outdoor spaces, which can lead to shady spots where potential intruders can lurk without being noticed.

While you are adding more indoor lighting you might also want to put some timers across the property as well. These can be used to switch lights on and off when you are away from home, while some modern systems even let you control the lights using a mobile application.

By making some smart moves like this you can make sure that your home is safer as well as better looking after the renovations. This will allow you to enjoy the property with a greater deal of peace of mind in the future.




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