Learn To Love The Roof Over Your Head

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It’s up there somewhere. Looking after us, looking out over us. Spare a thought for the poor old roof keeping you cool, dry and warm when it needs to. It rarely complains, it just puts up with a lot.  It doesn’t ask for much, and its needs are few and simple.  But see to it we must. Come to appreciate and even love your roof. It adds to the visual appeal. Our homes and families depend upon it.

The fact is most roofs are pretty well made. They are the epitome of good economical, sensible design. Ironically it’s only when we mess with the basic principle that problems occur. It is when we start sticking windows in, and chimneys through that there is the potential for a problem. But for the most part, if we keep an eye of our roof, it will serve us well for many years.

Have a check now and again.

You might only have to do this once a year. On the other hand, it can be a good idea after a big weather event.  Have a look at the state of the roof.  If your roof is covered with slate or tiles, then see if you can spot any that are cracked or broken. These will need replacing, but that is relatively easy to do. Replacements are easy to find, and it is quite simple to slip out the broken pieces and slide in the new tile.

Slates and tiles can last for a hundred years or more. Similarly strong winds could displace one or two, and you want to make sure that this is dealt with. Otherwise, you might have bigger problems in the future. Once water starts to ingress into the roof space, it could cause more expensive damage.

Cast an eye on the chimney flashings. That is part of the roof that ensures there is no leak going to happen at this vulnerable point. Ensure your valleys and gutters are clear of debris, such as leaves and twigs and the general accumulation of dirt.

Do you need to repaint?

If your roof is covered with roofing iron, then there are a few more considerations. Can you see any rust spots?  These will need to be treated, and it is possible that your roof will need repainting. This can also be a great excuse for rejuvenating your house and giving the whole exterior a fresh new look. This is quite a big job, and reliable roof restorations will be able to tell you exactly what is involved.

It sometimes happens with older roofs that the sheets of iron lift away from the rafters. This is not a big deal, and the problem can be easily remedied as long as the rafter itself has not rotted. This is unlikely, and it may be that the roofing fastener has simply worked its way loose. These can be replaced with a slightly longer screw, and you might find this is enough to secure the sheet.

Step back from the house and with your feet firmly on the ground. You’ll be able to appreciate your stalwart roof and the great job it does keeping your house and family safe and sound.


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