Vamp Up a Vintage Kitchen Without Breaking The Bank!

As with any kind of trend, fashions come and go- this applies to both clothing and home styles. What looks modern and cutting edge now can look horribly frumpy and dated when things move on, and no room suffers this more than the kitchen. When your units and appliances are built in, it’s not always easy to give it a quick modernise like you can with other rooms. However if you’ve inherited a retro, out of date kitchen from previous homeowners or yours is just long overdue an update, there are ways you can go about this without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas.

Paint or Replace The Tiles

Bad tiles are one of the obvious signs a kitchen is past its best. Old fashioned, chipped, cracked and stained grout is never going to look good. If your tiles are aren’t in too bad a condition, you could paint them or just scrape the grout and regrout between them. This gives the look of fresh tiles without the expense. If they’ve really had it, your best bet is to get rid of them. Invest in new tiles, or have a backsplash fitted which is likely to work out cheaper.

Update The Wall Colour

Once your tiles are sorted, the next thing you can do to make a dramatic difference to the room is by updating the colour of the rest of the walls. Any paint will look dull and past its best after a while, but particularly so in kitchens since things like steam, smoke, splashes and spills from cooking can quickly make it look dirty. In the kitchen your best bet is to use a light neutral shade to make everywhere look bigger, and give it a quick once over with a roller and paint every few months to keep it fresh. Otherwise if you use special kitchen paint you can wipe the walls clean if they get grubby.

Replace Cupboard Doors

If you have the money to work with an interior designer like and choose all new units for your kitchen that’s fantastic and can give you the exact look you’re after. But if not, there are ways you can renovate cheaply. If you have nice solid wood units you could sand these and paint them a new colour and replace the knobs to modernise them. Even entirely replacing the doors with new ones will give you the look of a whole new kitchen for a fraction of the cost.

Have New Flooring Fitted

Ceramic tiles are a good choice in kitchens but they’re expensive to have put down. If your current tiles are cracked or just ugly, have a layer of vinyl flooring put over them instead. It’s relatively cheap and according to with a layer of underlay can usually be fitted right over existing flooring. A fast way to totally change up the look of the kitchen without having to spend much.

Declutter and Organise

Once your kitchen is complete, it makes sense that you wouldn’t fill it back up with junk and things you don’t use. Go through every item and appliance and get rid of anything that’s past its best. Old baking trays, burned saucepans, weighing scales that no longer give accurate readings- put them in the bin. Anything that’s still good but you don’t use could be donated or passed along to friends. Organise everything you do have in a way that makes sense, so you’re not having to dig through and rummage every time you need something.


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