What Is a Mummy Makeover Surgery?

Is a mommy makeover surgery right for you?

Before you decide, fully understanding what’s involved and why you would want to have one is important.

A mummy makeover isn’t the same for everyone. Working with a top-notch plastic surgeon is crucial in getting the results you want.

Keep reading to learn the basics of a mummy makeover.

What Is a Mummy Makeover Surgery?

mommy makeover refers to a variety of contouring and augmentation procedures designed to help you get your pre-baby body back.

Your body goes through lots of changes during pregnancy and childbirth. It might leave your skin saggy, change your breasts, and leave you with extra fat. Even with diet and exercise, it can be challenging to get back to your pre-baby figure.

The specific procedures performed in a mummy makeover often vary depending on individual needs and concerns.

Reasons for Getting One

Most women get this type of procedure to feel more confident. The body changes due to pregnancy can leave women feeling less confident. They might not feel comfortable in swimming suits or other clothes they once wore.

What’s Included

Mummy makeovers are often customised to match the trouble areas of each person. Your plastic surgeon will listen to your areas of concern and recommend procedures to improve them.

Common procedures include:

  • Tummy tuck to remove excess skin and tighten ab muscles that stretch due to weight gain in pregnancy
  • A liposuction surgery to remove pockets of fat
  • Breast augmentation to fill out breasts that might lose volume after breastfeeding
  • Breast lift to reshape and lift sagging breasts
  • Facelift to smooth out wrinkles
  • Facial injections to rejuvenate your facial appearance

You might have just one procedure or multiple done at once.

When to Get a Mommy Makeover

The timing of the surgical procedures affects how well it works.

You’ll need to be emotionally ready to handle plastic surgery. While the point is to increase your confidence, you shouldn’t rely on the surgery to fix the emotional problems you have.

You’ll want to wait until you’ve fully recovered from childbirth before having the surgery. Ensure you’re done having kids before you consider having the procedures.

If you’re breastfeeding and want breast augmentation, wait several months after you stop breastfeeding. It can take some time before your breasts stabilise. You need to know how they’ll end up size-wise and shape-wise before deciding how you want to change them.

Recovery Process

Keep in mind the mummy makeover recovery process before deciding to go ahead with the procedure.

Depending on the procedures you choose, the recovery can take weeks or months to get back to normal.

You’ll likely have restrictions on how much weight you can lift immediately following the surgery, often as little as 5 to 10 pounds. If you still have young kids, you won’t be able to lift them for a period after the surgery, which can make it difficult to take care of your kids.

Feel Confident After Kids

A mommy makeover surgery gives mums the confidence to show off their bodies. It’s a way to tighten up the things that change after carrying a baby and giving birth.

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