Here Are The 5 Most Gorgeous Countries For Your Destination Wedding

Around one in four couples get married abroad. If you love traveling – why don’t you make your special day even more special? 

However, choosing where you want to go on vacation may be pretty easy. Yet, deciding where you want to have your wedding is something else.

Do you want to discover more about the best destination weddings? Check out some amazing destination wedding locations below!

1. New Zealand  

If you want to get away from everything, there are fewer more far-flung destinations for your wedding than New Zealand.

Whether you want to get married to one of the beautiful sandy beaches or among the untouched forest, New Zealand has everything you could imagine.

After you have tied the knot, there are numerous ways to have fun with your guests. You can go hiking in searching for stunning views or discover peace at the Great Barrier Island. 

2. Thailand 

Thailand is where you may think of going for partying in your twenties. But, there is much more to the Southeast Asian country than this.

The delicious cuisine, tranquil beaches, and friendly locals make Thailand a popular choice for getting married abroad.

You could choose to get married in the hustle and bustle of the capital of Bangkok. Perhaps you prefer to escape the crowds for a chance to witness natural beauty on the island of Phuket.

Just pick your timing carefully since you may want to avoid the rainy season unless you want to get married dripping wet.

3. Australia 

Getting hitched down under is always an amazing idea. The breathtaking countryside and exciting cities have a strong appeal for couples.

There few better ways to spend your first days as a married couple than sipping local wines and looking out over the landscape.  

However, it’s not all about romance. The opportunity to come face to face with some of the most incredible nature in the world cannot be missed. 

4. France 

When you touch down in France, you know you’re in a country that knows the importance of love between two people.

Walking around the charming streets of Paris is as romantic as it gets. However, if you want to go further afield, making your way to the Loire Valley, you can visit historic castles and little villages while you’re there. 

5. The Bahamas 

Could you ever imagine having your own island? That’s not just a ridiculous fantasy in the Bahamas. There are hundreds of islands that you can hop from one to the next.

After your marriage on the gorgeous beach, you can spend the rest of the time doing water activities. Anything from scuba diving to jet skiing is available here.

Discover the Best Destination Weddings

If you’re thinking about getting married abroad, you need to decide which destination is right for you.

It can be overwhelming planning a wedding abroad. Making sure you’re going to spend the first days as a married couple in the right location is important.

Do you want to know more about the best destination weddings? Check out our blog for much more!

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