What Is My Purpose? 5 Steps to Help You Find Purpose and Meaning

Sometimes people wander through life and suddenly wake up one day feeling lost. Does this sound like you?

Do not panic. Hitting this moment simply means that you’re ready to find your purpose.

Does this leave you asking, “What is my purpose?”

What Is My Purpose? 5 Ways to Answer This

Finding your purpose does not always come in some sudden epiphany, like in epic hero movies. Often, we need to actively search to learn what we need to do in this life.

Read on to learn how to find purpose in your life.

1. Discover Your Passions

What motivates you? Answering this question is the first step n learning how to find your purpose.

If you cannot answer this easily, then look at what gets you jumping out of bed in the morning, the activities that get you out of the house, and where your happiness comes from.

Your passions are the things you would fight to keep in your life and make sacrifices for.

2. Learn Your Strengths

Sometimes our passions do not match up with our assets. This separates your hobbies from your true purpose. 

Do not fall into the trap of thinking you do not possess any strengths. Take an aptitude test to get you closer to finding your purpose in life.

3. Look for Patterns

Does life see to consistently push you towards the same type of things? This could be a calling that you keep ignoring.

For example, do you keep finding yourself in friendships with traumatized people? Maybe your purpose is to help them find the strength or to simply feel loved.

If you notice the same types of situations arising for you, then figure out how you might fit into it all. Maybe you put yourself into these situations with patterned choices or possibly the universe pulls you there. Either way, find your purpose in it.

4. Get Uncomfortable

Growth hurts. If you do everything to avoid discomfort, then you will remain stagnant, because growth requires pain.

Think about your favorite hero’s journey. They take on the toughest obstacles and only then discover their life purpose.

Stop shying away from the things that scare you in life, and run for them. Think of those obstacles as the boss fight and your purpose as the ultimate prize.

5. Pray

If you want to find your purpose, reach both inward and outward. Prayer helps you achieve this paradox.

You do not need to follow a specific religion to pray. Pray to your higher power, and ask for your purpose to present itself. The law of attraction says that you will manifest whatever you focus on.

6. Learn about Religions

For those who want to find their purpose and meaning in life, this step is also important and inevitable. No matter what you think about religions, there will come a time when you start questioning them and their meanings. It is important to study about them and not to believe word of mouth when it comes to religions. And that studying process is not necessarily boring or you do not have to read tons of new stuff if you are not a fan of reading. There are a lot of interactive learning methods to help you stay engaged. For instance, if you are learning about Christianity, ministry youth group games can be helpful to absorb all the new stuff in a fun way.

Make Your Life Meaningful

What is my purpose?

The answer to this question is not as important as the journey towards it. Remember that. If you follow these steps and live your life with the intent to grow and striving for greatness, then you will manifest your purpose.

We hope to inspire you so that you may pass on the inspiration to others. Read more tips for spiritual growth on our website.

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