The Best U.S Cities to Travel Alone in Your 40’s

Being in your 40s can have multiple different impacts on you, whether emotionally or physically. Travelling is very important. How can you say that you have lived your entire life without travelling to a place that you have never been to before? Here’s an idea, travel to your ultimate dream destination alone and book luxurious hotels to stay at while you’re there. Yes, you deserve your independence to connect with yourself. Independence is a huge opportunity to grow and learn. Not sure where to travel? Here are five of the best U.S cities to travel to alone in your 40’s. 

  • Take a Trip to San Fransisco, California

Are you afraid to travel along thinking that people will judge you because you’re not with anybody? It’s time to put that fear to rest. Going on a trip to California is an impactful vacation. There is so much to do in San Fransico. Experiencing a drive along the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the best scenic adventures you’ll take. Concerts and festivals happen at any given moment. Embrace your independence and explore the city on one of San Fransisco’s great cable cars, meet new people, and go to some of the best restaurants.

  • Hike up the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado

Have you always had the energy to go for a hike and no one else wants to join you? It’s time to take an adventure to Boulder Colorado. Exploring the Rocky Mountains is one of the greatest experiences. Aside from hiking, you can also join in on fun activities or dine alone at a restaurant around Pearl Street. Take advantage of the hopping nightlife and explore some activities you never thought about before. Make your trip comfortable and end the day at a relaxing hotel. 

  • Travel to the Hot Springs National Park, Arizona

For those who travel solo to Arizona make sure that you pack light clothing while under the hot sun. No matter where you end up on your vacation the results are that you are going to end up surrounded by other vacationers. If you’re looking for a day to just be somewhere without so many tourists taking pictures, walk through the town of Hot Springs, Arizona. Learn about the history of one of the oldest national parks in the U.S. Do you feel like you’ve walked your feet off already? Take a moment to dip your feet into the traditional baths at Buckstaff Baths.

  • New York City is a Popular Solo Travel Destination

Depending on where you are looking to travel alone, do you want to be surrounded by crowds and crowds of tourists? Think about that for some time, and then plan out what you want to do in New York City. New York City is filled to the brim with exciting venues and activities everywhere you look. From Broadway Shows, walking through Times Square, and just about any museum, make your solo trip to New York City something to remember for the rest of your life. After your time alone, you will value independence more than you ever did before.

  • Plan a Solo Trip to Austin, Texas

Think beyond the normal popular destination routes that are normally so congested to travel to. Austin, Texas is a nice year-round travel destination. You can finally meet Sandy the Squirrel! Just kidding, you can explore a new destination and learn about the history behind Texas. Want to know the best part? The weather is always warm and sunny no matter what month you travel. Explore the activities, festivals, and try to speak in that good old Texas drawl. Meet new faces and take a tour around the city.

Travel Tip For Those Travelling to the US from Overseas

Any person travelling outside of the USA is required to have a valid passport and an ESTA application before travelling. Citizens of Visa Waiver Program Countries can apply for travelling to America ESTA. If you are not certain about whether you need to fill out an ESTA for the U.S.A travel get in contact with your authorities now. Check the government website if you are not sure of your validity to see what rules apply for your country. Fill out an ESTA online and you can get a 90-day visa waiver to authorise you and your family to travel to Chicago, Illinois. Filling out an ESTA only takes 20 minutes. Make sure to have all the important documented papers and ESTA approval numbers with you to be allowed on the plane. 

How to Check Your ESTA Application Status

Even after filling out an ESTA application, don’t automatically believe that everything has been finished. At some times, the ESTA could get forbidden for reasons that you overstayed the allowable amount of time that you are required to stay. Check your situation on your ESTA to see that you have it before travelling. Check ESTA status determines whether or not a person can travel to the United States or not. To verify your standing on whether or not you are still valid, get in contact with a government website to help you. While ESTA proposes that you have a right to travel, it does not give permission for entry. Fill out your ESTA application and answer all the important questions.

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