What Melbourne’s Pest Control Experts Advise You to Do Before the Treatment?

The havoc that pests can create on your property, health and wellbeing is known to all. Pests like cockroaches, flies, rats, and spiders are annoying and can seriously take a toll on your peace of mind.  

Hiring pest control services could be the only option to get rid of pests in case of severe infestations. However, once you have carefully selected the pest control company and decided on the day of the treatment, it is essential to prepare for the treatment.  

This article will discuss what Melbourne’s pest control experts advise you to do before the treatment. 

Things to Do Before the Pest Control Treatment  

Pest control services may provide various treatments depending on the type of pests they will be handling. The preparation of each could be quite different. However, a few things are common to all treatments and highly recommended before your pest control appointment.  

  1. Accessibility to nooks and corners of your house: Before the pest control technicians arrive, it is essential to move all large pieces of furniture and provide easy accessibility to all nooks and corners.  Freeing the corners will allow the technicians to treat the corners and save all appliances and furniture from chemical spills and sprays.  
  1. Secure all clothes, toys, Bedsheets, and upholstery: All the clothes, bedsheet, covering, jewellery, make-up, and toys should be packed and stored in the cabinets. Seal the gaps in the doors, and drawers preferably with a wide cello tape, to prevent the chemicals from being sprayed on the toys accidentally. This will also prevent pests from taking refuge in your cupboards. 
  1. Plastic wrap sofas, chairs, and bed: Cover all sofas chairs and bed with plastic covers to prevent chemicals from penetrating the bedsheets. Secure all the wall paintings and decorative items as the chemicals could damage them. Move the flowerpots to a place where the chemicals will not be sprayed; else, they would wither away. 
  1. Preparing the kitchen area: Clear the dust bin and the countertops. The kitchen cabinets attract maximum pests; move all appliances out of the kitchen if possible. If not, wrap them carefully in plastic. Cover the water outlet of the water filter. However, keep the kitchen sinks open as they will be sprayed during pest control. 
  1. Taking care of Pets: Pets are susceptible to chemicals used for pest treatment. It is best to drop them off at your neighbours or friends place during their treatment. Secure pets bedding and toys so that they do not get sprayed. The aquarium should be covered tightly to avoid airborne chemicals entering it. 
  1. Emptying the bathroom: If the toilet is sprayed, empty the bathroom, especially the toothbrushes, floss, shaving razors and much more. These items will come in direct contact with the skin and mouth, chemicals that might settle on them after the treatment might be harmful. 


It is essential to prepare your house before the pest control treatments, avoid infestation spreading to other house parts and secure home items. However, it is always better to ask the service providers for advice on the precautions before the pest control treatment happens. 

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