Winter Look Revived: Funk It Up With Good Ol’ Tubular Bandanas

We often see our favourite actresses, and models at the airport heading towards their next holiday or work destination wearing tubular bandanas as scarves and sweat-bands. Due to our lovely divas, enough inspiration is around on how to style your look with a bandana – the ever-green fashion accessory.

Beat the winter woes

No matter the season, this little piece of cloth adds much character to the travel outfit, gym wear, casual and formal clothing. But because dreary winters are looming ahead, we want to essentially dedicate this read and discuss how gorgeous custom design bandanas can spruce up our winter-look!

No wonder we would be back to wearing dark and dull-coloured clothes, abiding by the laws of physics. The racks of clothing shops are gradually becoming void of colour as October nears. Blacks, greys, and blues – the standard winter colours are quickly taking over. Still, thankfully we have 4inbandana to provide us with vibrant artsy pieces used in multiple ways to add the much-needed pop of colour to enliven our otherwise bland apparels!

A substitute for jewellery

Yes, we insist on adding colour to your “old soul” pea coat this winter. Don’t get us wrong, we love this classic winter staple, but it wouldn’t hurt to play with colours to bring variety in life. Personalized silk bandanas are replacing necklaces, chokers, and expensive metal embellishments. When you wear it as a neckerchief or a bandana scarf, this silky add-on lights-up the face, leaving a beautiful glow that is bound to elicit praise.

Adorn muted pastels

Not a fan of loud colours? Well, no need to cringe on the use of the word “color.” The supplier extends the opportunity to have your bandana custom-made. Custom bandana is trendy among the ladies; they can choose whether they want to don soft-hues or bold shades. Get your stylish piece in beige, mint, lavender, peach, or equally soothing colour. With your bandana tied around your neck, above your coat, you are to remain warm and comforted in vogue.

Stay Glamorously Warm

Bandanas are available in different sizes, and if your bandana is long enough then consider using it as a belt over your cardigan or a shrug to secure the panels. Custom bandana printing services online enable you to design your fabric pattern. You can choose small floral prints, plaids, or abstract designs to achieve an elegant and modish look. So keep yourself warm, up to your style game, and make a statement, wherever you go!

Bandana Berets

This winter ditch the repetitious head warmers – a beanie or head cap. Use bandanas to cover up your head warm and hair coiffed. The famous “beret look” will also disguise your greasy hair; in case you run out of warm water this look will keep you covered.

If you can resist the cold, then tie your hair back with the tube bandana to keep those bangs out of your face, or use it as a headband and let your long hair fall down your back like a brown or golden cascade. This colourful piece will make your eyes look bright as the sun!

Winters Need to Come Sooner!

The right accessories can accentuate your dressing flair. Doubtless, accessories have the power to popularize the contemporary fashion trends, maintain them, or revamp it completely. However exceptionally versatile, bandanas are adjustable, and you will never tire of experimenting with them.

A perpetual favourite, this remarkably diverse garment has proved that the vogue of adorning bandanas is here to stay. So, welcome the winters in high spirits this year. You have plenty of reason to look your best. And the best part, even if winter’s end bandanas will happily continue, splashing your wardrobe with blissful joy!

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