Which Wedding Season? The Pros and Cons Of Summer And Winter Weddings

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It’s official. You’re getting married. There is already a vast amount to plan and consider, but there is one aspect that many couples overlook. They consider the ‘who’, they consider the ‘where’, but what about the ‘when’? You may have a rough timescale in your mind in terms of having to have saved a certain amount, or when a venue is most likely to be available. But what about the season? Spring and Summer weddings appear to be the most popular. But there are advantages and disadvantages to getting married in this season. Weddings happen all year round, but with a few additional considerations, you can pick the season that suits you!


Spring And Summer Weddings

The Pros: The popularity of Spring and Summer weddings indicates that there must be a good reason to have them then. The sun is shining. Grass and gardens are spread with flowers. There is something uniquely uplifting about celebrating in the sun with friends. The reception can often take the form of a garden party too. Organising space and wedding marquee hire for several guests can be tricky, but using the outdoors takes the pressure off. The photographer has an easier life because the weather and light works with them, not against them. You will often find that your friends and family are more likely to be free to attend. Work and family commitments can be reduced so people may also be more willing to travel. If you manage to make your wedding child-friendly too, you could really appeal to them as an additional summer holiday activity! Children can often add fun and vibrancy to a party.


The Cons: The expense of a Spring and Summer wedding can be higher due to the popularity. Venues and even travel companies often increase their premiums. This means that you will be paying more for the same service than you would simply a few months later. Booking holidays and honeymoons during the Summer can have the same disadvantages. The popularity of Spring and Summer weddings can also mean that there is sometimes competition for resources. Booking photographers and catering can all be competitive if you pick peak wedding season. It is only a minor consideration to some, but it is also far more expected to have a wedding around this time. Some people are lucky enough to be invited to a few weddings a year, but they may all fall around the same date or season.


Autumn and Winter Weddings

The Pros: An Autumn or Winter wedding can be unique, original and intimate. The colder months and darker days give you an opportunity to create a rustic, cosy atmosphere at your venue and reception. Your guests are often looking for a way to socialise in Autumn and Winter as it seems to become more difficult after Summer. Your wedding could provide the perfect opportunity to gather everyone together. Autumn weddings also mean you’ll be married by Christmas, meaning you can settle in for a magical holiday with your new spouse.


The Cons: The weather can be uncooperative if you are hoping for a reception outdoors. Log fires, blankets, and shelter can all be achieved but will require further planning. It is also possible that it is more difficult to budget around Christmas time – both for you and your guests.

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