Girls Need Big Diamonds

          Image by Thorn Yang As Marilyn Monroe once said, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  From Tiffany to Princess there are endless cuts that offer the most sparkle and show off this natural stones clarity.  Lusted after by endless amounts of women, the diamond is one of the must have… Read More Girls Need Big Diamonds


Get Togethers For Less

Most of us are lucky enough to have several events to celebrate a year. It might be a wedding, graduation, Christening or just a family catch up. They are a wonderful opportunity to let our hair down and reconnect with those that are important to us. But they can quickly become a costly affair. Travel… Read More Get Togethers For Less


Which Wedding Season? The Pros and Cons Of Summer And Winter Weddings

Image source It’s official. You’re getting married. There is already a vast amount to plan and consider, but there is one aspect that many couples overlook. They consider the ‘who’, they consider the ‘where’, but what about the ‘when’? You may have a rough timescale in your mind in terms of having to have saved… Read More Which Wedding Season? The Pros and Cons Of Summer And Winter Weddings


You’re Engaged! Now What?

Your boyfriend getting down on one knee and saying those four words is something that all girls dream about. I may not be engaged myself, but I have had quite a few friends who have got engaged over the past year or so. I noticed that while incredibly excited at the prospect of marrying the… Read More You’re Engaged! Now What?