Why Is My Washing Machine Leaking?

The washing machine is often taken for granted. You use it several times a week, or even every day, and probably never give it a second thought. 

That quickly changes when you realize you have a leaking washing machine. In order to deal with the issue, you need to find the source of the leak.

Follow The Trail

The first step is to locate where the water  is coming from. If you take a good look at your machine you’ll be able to identify whether the puddle is at the front or back of the machine.

The front is usually where the filter lives. This needs to be periodically cleaned. If you’ve recently changed the filter but you haven’t closed it properly, it can cause a leak.

If this isn’t the cause, then you should take a look at the door seal. These are prone to cracking, this can be due to infrequent use (causing them to dry out), or it can even be thanks to poor quality washing detergent where the chemicals attack the rubber in the seal.

That’s one of the reasons why it is so important to use specially formulated laundry detergent. Quality laundry detergent doesn’t just wash your clothes better, it also helps to look after your machine.

Once you’ve checked this take a look at the rear of the machine.

You’ll find the water entry pipe. If this is leaking you should check that it is tight. Tightening it should be possible by hand. If this doesn’t appear to be the issue you’ll need to shut off the water supply and undo the connection.

You’ll then be able to replace the washer which should stop the leak. If this doesn’t work inspect the pipe thoroughly in case there are any holes in it.

Don’t forget to check the other end of this pipe, where it connects to the main. It could need tightening or a washer replacement.

The last step is to take a look at the water disposal pipe. This can become loose if simply placed into a waste pipe. Or, the waste pipe can become partially blocked and prevent the water from flowing away smoothly. This allows it to back up and leak into your home.

Again, check the pipe itself for issues, this can also be the root of your problem. It’s surprisingly easy for the pipes to perish over time and also very easy to replace them!

Get A Washing Machine Repair Person

If there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with the front and back of the machine then you’ll have to start looking underneath it. Problems under the machine can be connected to pipes or the pump. A visual inspection will allow you to see what the issue is but, don’t forget that washing machines are heavy. Lift with caution.

At this point, you may decide that professional help is a good idea. If that’s the case, you’ll need the number of a good local plumber.

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