7 Essential Signs You May Need a Massage

Experts recommend that you get a massage weekly to receive all the benefits. 

While that frequency may sound excessive, it’s worth it when you consider all the benefits that a proper massage can have. Many people think that massages are only there to help with stress, but the benefits go way beyond your mental health. 

Keep reading for 7 essential signs you may need a massage.

1. Body Pain

One of the top signs that you need a massage is if you’re experiencing body pain. Pain in your shoulders, neck, or back are the most common places, but pain anywhere in the body qualifies. 

Why is this a sign that you’re in need of a massage? Because a massage is a great — medication-free — way to relieve that pain. Instead of reaching for those pain killers, instead, schedule a session with your masseuse. 

Ignoring your pain, or treating it with medication, doesn’t actually solve the cause of the pain. The masseuse will ease the pain in your muscles and be able to advise if there is a more serious underlying issue. 

2. Mentally Stressed

Stress to your muscles causes pain, which is a very obvious sign. But many people ignore mental stress and attribute it to a busy or overwhelming life. While your life may be busy, that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with all the stress. 

Instead, listen to your body and take the stress as a reminder to get a massage. 

Getting a massage is the ultimate form of self-care for stress relief. Tell your masseuse that you’re stressed and they can use calming essential oils during your massage. Even the act of taking a few moments to clear your mind can do wonders for your mental health. 

3. Excessive Cellulite

If you’ve noticed that the small patch of cellulite on your body has spread, this is a sign that you need a massage. 

Cellulite is a common condition that occurs in women. In simple forms, cellulite happens when fatty deposits collect under the skin. A massage removes the excess liquid contributing to your cellulite and helps stretch any dimpled skin. 

This useful article goes further into depth discussing how massages for legs can get rid of cellulite. 

While cellulite isn’t harmful to your health, many women consider it unattractive and yearn for smooth skin. If this is you, skip the lotions and laser treatments and instead schedule a massage. 

4. Migraines or Headaches

Nothing screams “I need a massage,” more than frequent headaches or worse — migraines. If you’ve noticed that you’ve been getting more headaches or migraines than usual, this is a sign that your body is unhappy.

Most often, you’ll discover that these are tension headaches. Tension headaches can be caused by tightened muscles in your neck or back. A massage will loosen up these muscles and soothe any aches or pains. 

And research shows that massages are a good treatment for unbearable migraines. If you get migraines, you know that the pain can become unmanageable, but a simple massage could offer the relief you need. 

Just like with treating pain, massages are a great wholistic option to treat headaches. Stop reaching for those pain pills anytime you feel discomfort and seek a natural remedy instead. 

5. Lack of Sleep

Have you been spending your nights tossing and turning? Desperate to finally get a good night’s sleep? If so, you’re in need of a good massage. 

If you’ve ever gotten a massage, you know that by the end your yawning and feeling calmed and relaxed. That’s because of the great stress-relieving benefits of a massage. If you’re struggling with falling asleep, try getting a massage to rest your sleeping habits and calm your mind. 

In addition to visiting a licensed masseuse, you and your partner could start incorporating massages into your nightly routine. Pair a massage with a little nighttime meditation and you’ll be snoozing in no time. 

6. Bad Posture

If you spend your day hunched over a computer or even a smartphone, you may have noticed an increasingly bad posture. Due to today’s technology, we spend too many hours with our neck aimed down and our shoulder slouched. 

With time, bad posture leads to increased tensions in your muscles, leading to aches and pains. But you don’t need to get to that point before seeking help. Instead, when you notice yourself slouching, schedule a massage. 

A message will loosen up those muscles and help release tension. Then, use an ergonmonic work set-up. Make sure to keep proper posture and notice a decrease in your daily pain levels. 

7. You’ve Never Had One

And the final sign that you need a massage is if you’ve never actually had one before. 

If you’ve never had a massage, you don’t realize all the benefits you’re missing out on. It’s time that you treat yourself with a relaxing massage and enjoy all the benefits that come from it. 

Once you’ve had your first massage, you’ll truly understand why they’re so important. And hopefully, you’ll get into a routine of scheduling a regular massage for yourself. 

Getting a Massage May Solve All Your Problems

Surprised by all the different signs that show you need a massage?

All that stands between you and a happier, healthier lifestyle is a regular massage routine. Soon you’ll find yourself suffering from less pain, stress, and sleepless nights. You may even get rid of your bad posture or stubborn cellulite along the way! 

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