Why Steam-Cleaning of Vehicles Could be the New Normal

steam cleaning car

The pandemic has made the world sit up and relook at its hygiene habits. Of course, like every crisis, families are adjusting their lives accordingly.  The recent outbreak in Victoria, Australia caused by removalists from Sydney has put everyone on high alert in many states.

While many families are struggling right now, there are some people that have been able to adapt and find highly profitable jobs. This is particularly true in the cleaning industry including vehicle cleaning. 

There are workplaces that have already shut-down permanently and others who are on the brink of financial disaster. Those who specialise in interstate removals are particularly concerned the latest Victorian outbreak will affect their industry. The team at Buzz Me Removals & Storage are anticipating an increased need for storage if moving between states becomes more challenging in the short term.

In the last few months, consumers have been considering cleaning services from a completely new perspective – hygiene. Think about it; the vehicle door handles, steering, gear-lever and seats are hotbeds for all sorts of germs. There’s also the risk of common allergens lurking in your vehicle, just like they do in many homes.

If you let anyone touch your vehicle or drive it, chances are its contaminated with something. Even those few minutes when it was driven by a valet at a hotel or you gave a friend a lift. All of us carry bacteria and germs. While most of its completely harmless, we are all aware what an aggressive virus can do.

It’s worth having your vehicle thoroughly cleaned regularly, and particularly when you prepare your vehicle for a road trip, and once you return home. where you may pick up or transmit hazardous viruses and bacteria into different regions.

How do you sanitise the interiors of the vehicle? Is this steam-cleaning really worth it? Absolutely, so let’s explore how it works.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Let’s face it, regular steam has a temperature of over 200°F at normal atmospheric pressure. Pressurised steam used by detailing services is even hotter. No bacteria or viruses can survive those temperatures.

That’s why it’s a great idea to steam clean the interiors of the vehicle. Steam can easily dislodge embedded dirt as well, making it easier to brush the surfaces and clean up.

Carpets, seats, steering wheel, engine bay and roof-liners can all be steam cleaned. It will get rid of bad odours as well since it can kill the bacteria causing the smell. 

At the end of the day, will steam cleaning kill viruses? Yes, it will. Just ensure it’s done with care.

There seems to be a lot of fear in the industry regarding how safe and effective professional steam cleaning is, so let’s try to alleviate some of the concerns right now by refuting a few common misconceptions.


No. You are far more likely to damage a vehicle’s paintwork by actively rubbing on the surface with rags or sponges, as they can easily pick-up small traces of grit. A hand-vehicle wash using a steam cleaner removes stubborn dirt, grime, and other soiling using a high-pressure burst of hot water. There is no need for any chemical agents, or even expensive vehicle soaps, just good old H20.


No! Interior steam cleaning is just as effective and safe as exterior steam cleaning. There are several different attachments you can use to get into all the nooks and crannies of a vehicle’s vents, footwells and dashboard, removing dust and dirt with ease.

The upholstery of the vehicle’s seating can also be thoroughly cleaned using steam to a much higher degree than it would be if it was simply wiped down. You will not damage any part of a vehicle’s interior by using steam using the correct technique, and once finished everything inside will feel and smell great.


In the UK, many National Health Service (NHS) facilities hire steam cleaning equipment, so if it’s good enough for disinfecting a hospital bed then surely it must be suitable for cleaning a vehicle. The combination of extremely hot water and upholstery cleaning liquids help to rid the vehicle’s interior of allergens and germs, which otherwise would not be affected by a simple dusting or wiping down.


No! The process of steam cleaning a vehicle is incredibly simple. Once any mats and debris have been removed and vacuumed out, an upholstery cleaning substance is applied to the interior using your steam cleaner. After going over the interior floorboards, the trunk, and under the seats, you can then focus on the vehicle’s carpeted areas.

This is done using the steam cleaner’s brush, and once steam has been injected into the carpet it is fully extracted leaving no trace of dirt or stains behind. When you’ve finished steam cleaning there is no complicated drying process to observe. Simply open the vehicle’s windows, and leave it to dry in a safe, shaded place.

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