WSS Wellbeing: Solving Skin Issues and DermaGen

Did you know the average adult has around 2 metres of skin? Skin has many functions including providing a protective barrier for our organs against mechanical, thermal and physical injury and hazardous substances. It prevents loss of moisture and reduces the harmful effects of UV radiation. The skin also acts as a sensory organ (touch, detects temperature, pain etc). It also regulates our temperature. In short, our skin is a protective outer shell that does a lot!

But, when we start having some issues with our skin, it could be trying to tell us something is awry with our health. It is better to start off with looking after yourself from the inside out with lots of water, healthy food (like lots of vegetables and fruit) and regular exercise. However, if skin issues do arise, there are treatments out there to help.

Community pharmacist, Karen Cheah, wanted to find a different remedy to the usual steroids and creams after they failed to help her 4 year old son’s eczema.

Karen and her son

When they installed a compounding room in their pharmacy two years ago, Karen was able to experiment with different types of creams, balms and ointments combined with botanical extracts and essential oils to help soothe the symptoms of mild eczema and dermatitis. With her passion for plants and botanicals, she’s created the DermaGen range to help skin conditions the natural way.

According to Karen, everything we need to heal from the inside out, can be found in nature. It’s the foundation of the DermaGen brand, which is 100 per cent nature-derived and steroid-free.

Karen and her pharmacy team had such fantastic results and feedback from the people who were using the Botanical Chemist range of products that Karen formulated, including her son for his eczema.

Before and afters from using DermaGen products.

In fact, eczema is one of the most common skin condition in Australia, which effects 1 in 3 children and over a million Australians. Eczema is a broad term that healthcare professionals use to describe a general group of conditions that may cause skin to become red, dry, itchy and scaly, and in severe cases, may weep, bleed and crust over, causing the sufferer much discomfort and sometimes, the skin may become infected. The condition can also flare and subside for no apparent reason.

Speaking of flare ups for no reasons, I get atopic eczema under my rings on my fingers on the odd occasion and I had dry patches on my wrist, temple and beside my chin. My two eldest son’s both get bad eczema on their legs and arms. One gets it bad during winter, the other in summer.

We have been trying the DermaGen range and it really has helped. My son has been using the Manuka Oil Cream and Manuka oil balm on his legs and they aren’t as scaly and red as they were before. He has said they aren’t itchy anymore either.

Both boy’s have been using the DermaGen Propolis Balm on their pimples and it’s amazing how quickly they clear up and heal.

I’ve been using the DermaGen Skin Radiance Lotion for dry skin and eczema patches arms and legs. They look a lot smoother and hydrated. It’s actually got rid of the “chicken skin” spots on my upper arms, which was a nice bonus.

Some of the DermaGen range:

The Dermagen range helps with eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, pimple breakouts and acne, minor wound healing and cold sores. All made in Australia and not tested on animals!

If you would like to find out more about the DermaGen range or to order some for yourself, head to the DermaGen by Botanical Chemist website. There’s also a lot of before and after testaments and reviews on the DermaGen range.

It’s amazing how the brand has helped so many people with skin issues that can be debilitating. Do you or your family have skin issues?

#SP This is a sponsored post in collaboration with DermaGen by Botanical Chemist, as per our Disclosure Policy.

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