The windows to my world

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Even though I wish my windows overlooked an oceanic paradise, I’m talking about the Windows that are essential to my life.

Like a lot of people I would be totally lost without my smart phone. Not so many years ago there were only three functions the average mobile phone could do; to make calls, send/ receive sms/ mms and take pictures.

These days the smart phone isn’t just a mobile phone but a phone, camera, pc, diary, music player, business centre, social hub, entertainment source, movie player/ tv… it really is amazing how something so small can do so much.


I have had both android and iphones and I must say, now that I have a Nokia Windows phone I wouldn’t go back to them.

The Windows 8 tile styling makes it easy to use and looks good. It comes preloaded with just about any app and program you could possibly need. I use the social media apps the most, so they are at the top of my front screen, the email and messages.


With my work involving going out to see clients, PR events, functions, networking events and a lot more, I can work while on the run using my email (which I can also access via my ultrabook and tablet) and the Office 365 suite.

I don’t know how many times I have been out and have had to respond to an email urgently and then had to follow up that same email from my ultrabook when I got home. Having all of my gadgets being on the same page is incredibly handy and saves me a lot of time (and stress!!).

Also, the ability to take pictures at a function/ event, like I was at today, and save them to OneDrive and then edit the pictures at my desk on my ultrabook for online publication is incredible. To be able to access pictures and documents from any of my ‘gadgets’ means less time spent transferring files from one piece of technology to another.


What technology can’t you live without?

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