Your pre-reconstructive surgery checklist


Undergoing reconstructive surgery is a huge decision to make. Whether you want to enhance your self-esteem, feel more comfortable in your skin or require surgery for health reasons, it’s imperative to be emotionally, physically and mentally prepared for the journey ahead. This is why many cosmetic surgeons, such as in Adelaide, ensure your suitability for surgery by asking you a series of questions prior to confirming your procedure. If you are considering surgery, view the following checklist to ensure you’re making the best choice for your particular needs.

Why do you want reconstructive surgery?

It may seem like a simple enough question, but try answering it out loud to yourself. If you are considering surgery to make someone else happy, impress a loved one or make someone jealous, you should reconsider your options. Cosmetic surgery is not a magical solution that will change your life or solve your problems. If you are choosing to undergo reconstructive surgery, you should be doing it for yourself and nobody else.

You may also want to take the time to think about:

  • What you want to change and why
  • How long you have wanted to have surgery
  • Whether your goals are reasonable

If you are content with your answers to the above, it may be beneficial to contact a fully qualified and licensed cosmetic surgeon for a professional opinion on your suitability.

Be realistic

While a large percentage of patients who undergo reconstructive surgery record high satisfaction rates post-surgery, some are left feeling unsatisfied or even depressed after their results fall short of their unreasonably high expectations. Having a realistic idea of your results from the beginning will help improve your sense of satisfaction once you have healed from your surgery. To ensure you understand what is achievable, your surgeon should discuss your options with you and even show you images of the outcomes you can expect.

Choose the right surgeon for you

The doctor-patient relationship you have with your surgeon is vitally important to how you feel throughout the consultation, confirmation, surgery and post-surgery process. This is why you must choose a surgeon that you feel comfortable with, who answers all your questions and does whatever they can to give you honest, professional advice for your unique needs. Your surgeon should:

  • Walk you through every aspect of your chosen surgery, including associated risks and potential complications
  • Let you take the time to consider all your options and make an informed decision without feeling rushed or stressed
  • Ensure you are a suitable candidate for your elected surgery and if not, provide you with other options
  • Provide you with satisfactory answers to all of your queries and concerns

The decision to undergo reconstructive surgery may be one of the most involved decisions you make in your lifetime. It’s incredibly important to ensure your chosen surgeon will be there for you throughout the process. Take the time now to ask all the difficult questions, gain a greater understanding of your surgery and discuss your body goals so you can enjoy your results long-term.

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