Working Mums & Childcare: The Ultimate Balancing Act

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As a working mum, you will feel under a lot of pressure, as well as feeling like you are, somehow, letting your children down. It can be tough – particularly for those that would rather be at home with their kids but cannot afford to take time off. However, with the right planning and understanding, it is possible to achieve a balance and ensure your child has a steady and safe start to life. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to do.

Find a good childcare provider

Find the right child care, and a lot of your worries will disappear straight away. But what makes a great environment? The truth is, it can be tricky to tell. While some people will always advise on spending a fortune on the very best child care, there are no guarantees. And, given that all child care facilities have strict rules imposed on them, one will often be similar to another. The trick is to find an environment that you feel comfortable with. Make sure you pay each centre on your shortlist a couple of visits. Get to know the staff, and speak to other parents. If you hear a sniff of any problems, just look elsewhere.

Have an emergency plan

Let your employers know that you might have to disappear from work if there is an emergency at home. But, given that some workers are not eligible for paid sick leave, this might cause a problem. So, it is critical to find someone who can help out in an emergency situation. Your parents or in-laws might be ideal, for example. Or, perhaps there is a mum at your child care centre who doesn’t work and that you trust with your kids. It is also important to know where to go in the event of an emergency when you are at home. Many child care centres are only open between 7-6, so look for an after hours urgent care centre in your locale. You should also have some routes planned out to get to your local emergency care centre in the quickest possible time.


Teach your children about safety

Children will have accidents everywhere – it’s in their nature. However, as soon as they are old enough to comprehend, it is vital that you teach them basic safety precautions. Not only for their health or for injury prevention, of course. You should also teach your children about the dangers of opening the door without an adult. They should also understand that they should never answer the phone and reveal who, or where, they are. You should also help them learn how to deal with emergency situations themselves. You hear some amazing stories about children ringing the emergency lines after their parents have had an accident. But without their parents telling them how to react, there is no way they would ever know how to deal with an emergency.


It can be tough for working moms to balance excellent child care with work. And, it’s even harder for those who do not qualify for any sick leave or are able to leave work to care for dependents. But there are options, and with a little planning, you will be able to make it work.


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