Great Design Tips For A Luxurious Bathroom

Everyone has a favourite room in their homes. For some, it’s the lounge where they can recline in “their” spot and watch a great series. For others, it’s their bedroom. After all; that’s where your bed is! My personal favourite is the bathroom. This is the one sure place in my home where I can always come to relax, and get away from all the stresses of the world. If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, and make it a little more luxurious, then here are a few handy design tips.

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First of all, if you’re going with a normal, conventional bathtub, choose a footed one rather than having one built in. By going with the free-standing option, you’ll free up more of the floor space in your bathroom, which can make a smaller space look and feel larger than it is. When the tub isn’t fixed to the floor, you’ll also be able to install some subtle lighting underneath it. A soft pool of light spilling out from underneath the bath instantly creates a sense of relaxation and luxury, and you can complement it with similar, understated lighting in other areas. Of course, if you want a bathroom that’s really luxurious, you may have to get a built-in tub instead. If you’re looking for a supplier of hot tubs or jet baths, then this kind of feature will make up for a slightly small bathroom.

Next, make sure you’re choosing some hard flooring that’s comfortable, practical and stylish. If you’ve stretched your budget a lot already by setting your mind on various new features, then you may be tempted to leave your carpet in. Don’t do this! To keep a bathroom that’s both comfortable and practical, go with tile, hardwood or lino. Sure, carpeted bathrooms were considered luxurious at one point in time. This was back in the days of huge houses and rooms, where your carpet had a big impact on how warm or cold the house was. When you put carpet in a bathroom, it can quickly become worn and discoloured. Make sure you’re restricting your search to wood, marble or other hard floor solutions.

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Finally, make sure you take your time choosing where you’re going to have the toilet. If there’s one thing that bothers me about some bathrooms, it’s opening the door and immediately seeing the gaping bowl of the toilet. Even if that’s what I came in for, there’s something brash and clumsy about this kind of layout. When you’re remodelling a bathroom, always try to keep the toilet tucked behind something, such as an airing cupboard or the edge of an L-shaped bathroom. This will be subtler and less explicit to people walking past your bathroom, and will ensure it doesn’t impeach too much on those days when you just want to lie down in the tub for a while.

There you have three of my best tips for any bathroom remodelling. Take your time with every decision, and soon you’ll have a little corner of paradise in your home!


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