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WSS Beauty: 10 of the Best Hand Creams You Need Right Now

Unlike the rest of our body, our hands are always out on display. Exposed to wind, heating, cooling, the sun and constant washing, it’s no wonder they start feeling dry and sometimes, cracked.

Constant exposure to the elements can also lead to sun damage and premature ageing. So can can we do about it?

Try to use a moisturising hand wash when washing your hands, can stop the oils being stripped from your hands. It can also be a good idea to keep a pump container of hand/body cream next to your hand wash (in the bathroom and kitchen), to use after washing your hands and nourish them. I use Peppermint Grove’s Freesia and Berries handwash and hand cream.

Use a hand cream as you get into bed. The cream then has all night to penetrate the skin and provide an intense moisturise.

Keeping a tube of hand cream on your desk and/or in your bag, is a good idea for easy relief during the day.

Our favourite hand creams:

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