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Even with the warnings about tanning in the sun, it is still desirable to have a tan. We know spending hours in the sun isn’t good for us but most of us still want that gorgeous post island holiday glow.  Consequently, alternative tanning methods have become increasingly popular. Fake tanning and tan accelerators are huge business now.

Tan accelerators speed up the natural tanning process by stimulating melanin production in the body while providing ultimate moisturising qualities to make your skin look in top condition. So, you get soft, smooth skin with a sun-kissed glow.

Because of our reluctance to go out in the sun now, Australia has one of the highest rates of vitamin D deficiencies in the world, which is due to our over use of sun protection and indoor lifestyles, particularly in the southern states such as Victoria and Tasmania.

How do you get the right amount of vitamin D and a golden glow without increasing your risk of skin cancer? In just 10 minutes a day, you can get your vitamin D fix and a bit of colour. Just make sure, you don’t go out in the sun in the middle of the day (10am and 2pm)  and wear a minimum of SPF 15 sunscreen.

To help with the colouring (tanning) process, I have been trialling Carols Sun Tanning Enhancer Carrot & Hanna Lotion  and oil (RRP: $34.99 for 150ml) for the last few weeks.

carols beauty

Carols tan accelerator is made with Carrot oil (stimulates the melatonin in your skin to produce a faster sun tan. It also helps  rejuvenate and nourish skin targeting age spots and wrinkles) , Henna (enhances skin colour to a beautiful golden shade and locks it in for a long lasting tan), Almond oil (high in vitamin E and fatty acids, almond oil traps in moisture and helps reverse sun damage and stimulate skin growth for healthier skin) and Bees wax (contains powerful anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which protect the skin from environmental damage) to enhance a faster tan in the sun, moisturise your skin and slow down the anti -ageing process.


I spend a lot of time outdoors, both by myself and with the family. I walk my dog everyday, garden and go to the beach or parks. Even though I wear sunscreen, I have tanned arms and legs. The Carols Tan Accelerator has deepened my existing tan and has made my arms and legs incredibly soft and smooth.

Using Carols Tan Accelerator is easy. Just apply evenly and generously all over your body, with a minimum of SPF 15 sunscreen, do this for several sessions and you will have a gorgeous healthy glow. Simple!

Our verdict:

I loved how Carols made my arms and legs silky soft and enhanced the tan I already had. It is also great for helping along an “incidental tan” (when you spend a lot of time outdoors and end up with a tan regardless of how much sun protection you use). Carols would also enhance and prolong a fake tan.

Would I use it again? I already have!

Carol’s Beauty products can be purchased online directly through their website or from selected locations Australia wide. For a full list of locations please click here.

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