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We all know that a good quality mattress is essential for a decent nights sleep but many people don’t have the right one. Recently we discovered a new Australian startup mattress business, Ecosa. Ecosa was designed to help people sleep better and from what I have gathered from reading the reviews online, this is exactly what they have done.

When Ecosa contact me to to ask if we would like to review one of their mattresses, my immediate thought was our mattress was only a few years old and had cost a small fortune (around $2000) and our youngest had a new bed and mattress bought last year but our middle child was using an Ikea mattress we had bought a few years ago for their bunks we had at our previous house (the boys shared a bedroom. In this house, they have their own rooms).

Having just turned fourteen and going through a growth spurt (he is nearly as tall as me and I am 175cm tall), he was complaining about growing pains and not being able to sleep properly. We also thought his mattress might have also played a part in this. We had bought him a new bed when we had moved into this house but, as we had just bought the house, funds for a new mattress weren’t in the budget at the time. So, the old mattress had to do at the time, but only being a few years old, we thought it would be ok. Obviously not.

The Ecosa mattress has a three layer system, which includes the comfort layer, which uses continuously poured dunlop latex with pin-core holes, gives you the most breathable, supportive and bouncy mattress. A High-density gel memory foam layer that evenly distributes your body weight without pushing against pressure points and a Ultra High-density support foam adds core support and long-lasting durability. No springs to poke into you or break!

In fact, Ecosa mattresses have a ten year warranty and a 100 day satisfaction guarantee. Which means, if you don’t like the mattress for whatever reason within 100 days, Ecosa will happily accept your returned mattress and refund you. No questions asked! Shipping and returns are free too. You can find all of this information on their official website or by reading Ecosa reviews. There is a lot of great information on the internet so make sure to do your research.

Anyway, back to our review. Our mattress arrived within a day of ordering and came in a box. Yes, the mattress comes in a box! Which is amazing in itself. How they squash a 25cm thick mattress down to barely anything and roll it up into a box is very clever. It even has wheels and a handle to move it around the house. They thought of everything!


Unpacking the mattress is so easy, kids can even do it. In fact, the boys had fun unboxing the mattress, as you can see from this video below:

Before anyone says anything, the boys are proficient in using scissors and knives and are quite careful in using said items (it is sad that I have even had to add that but I’m sure there will be someone who gets their knickers in a knot). And yes, my video skills aren’t the best haha! FYI Mr 14 said shoot at the end, not the other word for poop.

Below is the mattress after being left for a while, it is recommended you leave the mattress for ten hours to regain its shape. As I said above, the mattress is 25cm thick.


The cover is washable, which is fantastic if the kids have a blood nose/ vomit/ whatever. Regular washing would also keep dust mite at bay.

The mattress price ranges from $650 for a single to $1050 for a king size (half of what we paid for our innerspring mattress). As you can see Ecosa is fantastic value for money. How do they do it? Simple. Because you buy online, you don’t pay for a middle man or the costs of running a bricks and mortar store, so the saving are passed onto Ecosa’s customers. I’m not sure where you would purchase a high quality mattress for the same price elsewhere to be honest.

Ecoas have just launched a new range of silk pillowcases, which are made from 100% mulberry silk. A good night’s sleep is essential in every beauty routine. Made and designed from the highest quality silk, Ecosa’s silk pillowcases will prevent any damage to your skin and hair while you sleep. I can confirm this is true. I haven’t woken up with pillow crease lines on my face or knotty hair. The silk pillowcases come in two colours white or charcoal.

Also new to the Ecosa range is a gel memory mattress topper. If you want to add 5 star luxury to your existing bed, this is THE essential item to take your bed to the next level in pampering and comfort.

What we thought:

I was quite amazed by the fact that the mattress came shrink wrapped, flattened and rolled in a box and plumped out into it’s original shape within a short amount of time. I thought that was quite clever. The easy to wash cover is a brilliant idea.

The mattress itself is comfortable, supportive and as Mr 14 puts it “snuggly”. He has been sleeping better and not having as many “growing pains”.

I think the Ecosa mattress is fantastic value for money and we will be looking at buying a queen size mattress for our own bed in the next year or so.

For more information on the Ecosa range head to: or Ecoas’s Facebook page:


#SP This is a sponsored and gifted post in collaboration with Ecosa in accordance to our Disclosure Policy. All opinions are our own.

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  • Lindi

    I am really desperate to find a mattress that is comfortable firmish, Have been looking for a couple of years now to replace my Latex mattress that I bought approx. 20 years ago is $5000 and i don’t have that sort of money these days.. I would like to find out more about your mattresses, I’m a visual person i like to see, touch and feel, but I gather thats not really possible and I have a few medical issuses which I won’t get into here and I would really appreciated if someone could contact me please…… Thankyou

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