General Health Problems That You Need To Be Concerned About

Our lives are full of conveniences these days. If our food isn’t ready in minutes, then we have answers to endless questions from the palm of our hands. Our lifestyles have changed dramatically to how they were 50 years ago. With that in mind, it seems obvious why some health problems have become more of an issue to some people. So I thought I would explore some of those health issues in the hope we can all be a little more aware of them.



Obesity is becoming a huge problem all over the world. While sometimes increased weight gain can happen because of underlying health issues. Other times it can be down to snacking and diet and not take care of yourself. You can try checking your diet or your lifestyle. You could even increase the amount of exercise you take, although this can be difficult in severe cases. Sometimes conventional methods don’t help and you need to consider things like gastric sleeve surgery.



Hundreds and thousands of people across the world will have diabetes and not know it. Which is quite a scary statistic. Many people live with type 1 or type 2 diabetes each day. In short diabetes is where the glucose levels can’t pass to the body cells to be converted to energy. Which we need to live our lives and function. This is because the pancreas is either not producing any insulin or it is producing insulin that isn’t working correctly. Mostly with a well balanced diet and regular exercise you can keep your diabetes under control.




When you suffer from alcoholism, this doesn’t mean you drink from morning till night and care about nothing else. This might mean that you drink everyday because you think it is needed to help you relax. People are more dependent on alcohol than they realise. What they think is harmless, could be causing damage to your mind. Alcohol can lead to depression and aggressive behaviour. This is down to the chemical balance in your brain not being as it should because of the increase of alcohol in your system.


Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure can lead on to many problems with in your body including heart disease and heart problems. A high blood pressure can be brought on by many things including smoking, weight gain and a lack of physical exercise. It can also be brought on by stressful situations, too much alcohol consumption and even could be down to your genetics. It is always recommended to keep a close on your blood pressure levels. Lowering blood pressure can be achieved by taking better care of yourself through diet and exercise.



Mental Health

Finally, the one health problem we can’t see is our mental health. This is down to depression or anxiety that can be brought on through many situations. This could be down to stress and feel unhappy with life. It isn’t something to take lightly and things like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help in these situations.


I hope this has made your more aware of some the health concerns we have today.

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