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With nearly a cafe on every corner, the coffee culture has taken Australia by storm. And, of course, with the cafe culture expanding and more people wanting their daily fix of coffee, more and more Australians are wanting a cafe quality coffee at home.

There is nothing better than sitting in your pj’s on a Sunday morning, reading the papers while sipping on a freshly made coffee, is there?

Domestic coffee machines are becoming more user friendly than the huge cafe style machines of the past that took up your whole kitchen.

Small, compact machines that take coffee pods/ capsules instead of messy coffee grounds are quite popular now because of their no fuss, no mess delivery of delicious coffee in your own home. You just simply put the capsule in, push a button and it’s done!

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Did you know NESCAFÉ DOLCE GUSTO was the first capsule system available in Australia to make a range of hot and cold beverages. These machines are stylish, compact and versatile, allowing people to make delicious café quality coffee at home.

Nescafe dolce gusto circolo

The new Nescafe Docle Gusto Circolo machine offers a stylish, sleek, contemporary red design with a professional 15-bar pressure, NESCAFÉ DOLCE GUSTO Circolo is so easy to use, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in seconds.

The stylish CIRCOLO comes with the Play & Select wheel. This means simply turning the selection wheel to your desired setting. With the push of a button the magic begins and in a few seconds the flow stops automatically leaving you with a perfect café-style drink.

But what do you put in the Circolo, I hear you ask? Well, Nescafe offers 15 different capsule flavours to enjoy from the Colce Gusto range. Coffees, iced teas, chai teas, iced coffees and hot chocolates, there is a capsule for everyone’s tastes. Looks can be deceiving. Every single capsule hides a unique patented technology. This clever design works to ensure the best quality in every cup.


Here is the range:

ESPRESSO INTENSO – If you love an after dinner espresso, you’ll love Espresso Intenso. Intenso is high on aroma and flavours, with a velvety crema layer

ESPRESSO DECAF – This cheeky little shot is available without all the caffeine. Made from 100% Arabica beans, it produces a full flavour espresso with intense aroma and crema layer!

ESPRESSO RISTRETTO – Also known as ‘corto’ (short), Ristretto is a very short espresso shot with less water passed through the coffee than an espresso

CAFFE AMERICANO – With a mild taste thanks to its light roast and carefully selected roast and ground beans, Americano is enjoyed best in a large mug, with or without milk.

CAFÉ AU LAIT – The rich flavour of coffee with the sweetness of milk, all in a single capsule. It just sounds so much nicer in French. Enjoy Café Au Lait in a large mug for a great start to the day.

CHAI TEA LATTE – Chai Tea Latte is a delicious blend of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and clove, adding a dash of sugar and some delightfully frothy milk for a refeshingly stylish drink.

CAPPUCCINO – A shot of rich espresso topped with deliciously sweet frothy milk. Cappuccino is Italian for hood, as the foam atop a cappuccino retains the heat of the coffee – just like a hood!

SKINNY CAPPUCCINO – An espresso shot topped with deliciously frothy low fat milk. Now you can enjoy our delicious Cappuccino without feeling guilty!

LATTE MACCHIATO – ‘Latte macchiato’ literally means stained milk! When you’ve filled your latte glass with hot milk, add espresso for the ‘macchia’; a delicious crema sitting atop the froth.

SKINNY LATTE MACCHIATO – Low in fat and packed full of intense flavour thanks to a shot of rich and smooth espresso, skinny has never been so yummy.

CARAMEL LATTE MACCHIATO – Creamy caramel and your coffee craving are together at last. This is a perfect blend of caramel flavour, deep espresso and pillowy froth.

HOT CHOCOLATE – A rich, velvety hot chocolate made with premium cocoa beans. This drink has the flavour of cocoa with a delicate layer of frothy milk.

CAPPUCCINO ICE – Iced coffee with a new twist. A delightful mix of creamy milk and smooth rich espresso. This refreshing drink is ideal for the summer months.

NESTEA® PEACH – Bursting with peach flavour, this refreshing iced tea is a drink the whole family can enjoy. Sit back, relax and experience the taste of summer.

MOCHA – Hot chocolate and dark roasted coffee do a delicious duet. Full intensity of roasted coffee in a delightfully sweet chocolaty treat.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto have kindly offered to giveaway a Circolo machine to one lucky Woman of Style and Substance reader valued at $229. All you have to do is enter the form below. Entries are for Australian residents only. Competition closes at 5pm 21st November 2014.

Terms and conditions: The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circolo giveaway is a game of skill and the most creative entry will be deemed the winner. The competition opens Thursday November 13th at 1.30pm EST and closes on Friday November 21th at 5pm EST. One entry per person. Australian entries only, sorry. There is one Nescafe Docle Gusto Circolo machine to be won, with a total value of $229. Winners will be notified via email. All entries will be signed up to our newsletter upon entry, if you do not wish to sign up to our newsletter please let us know via email. Good luck!

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