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Let’s face it, we females have to put up with a lot. From monthly bleeding and the associated issues like pain, bloating, headaches etc every month, to hormone fluctuations, bladder issues, body hair and skin and hair maintenance every day. Juggling work or businesses, kids, family, home, life, finding time for ourselves… well, the list could go on.

Finding a product that helps with our everyday lives and you think “Why wasn’t this thought of earlier?” doesn’t come up every day but when they do, you need to share it with everyone. Seriously, the product I am just about to tell you about WILL become an essential in your life (especially after kids and as we get older).

I have been wearing Modibodi underwear for about a year now and I don’t know how I lived without them!

Australian designed Modibodi™ underwear is a world first innovation fusing form, function and fashion to make women’s underwear better! Founder and Director Kristy Chong launched Modibodi with their patented Modifier Technology ™ in 2014 and the underwear range has been a huge success and we can see why.

The exclusive technology works to wick moisture away from the body, absorbing the moisture to keep the wearer dry, and is stain resistant, leak resistant and antimicrobial to ensure the ultimate freshness. The garments look, fit and feel just like regular underwear and wash like regular underwear too.

Seriously, this means no more worrying about period leaks. I have lost track of how many times I have leaked through my pants from when my body decided to up the flow on day 2 or 3 of my period, resulting in a change of outfit or two.

Thanks to having Hypothyroidism and PCOS, it’s like a lucky dip as to how heavy or light my period is going to be month to month. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry anymore thanks to Modibodi.

Also, no more having a sweat patch (you know the V shape sweat patch at your crotch) while exercising in your yoga pants or leggings (no one wants to see that, especially while doing a downward dog!) or that embarrassing issue of pee coming out when it isn’t supposed to. Having had three babies, I can’t hang on like I used too and these undies have saved me from a few “incidences”.

Having said that, I really wish I had been wearing them when I had driven into the city last year and got stuck in traffic for over an hour and was busting to go to the toilet.

Once I got to Melbourne Central, I had to pop into Sussan for a new pair of jeans and some undies. Thank goodness I was wearing a long top at the time or it would have been a lot worse!

Like a best friend, Modibodi underwear keeps you clean and comfortable when you need it most. Just make sure you are wearing them though!

Speaking of avoiding embarrassing situations, how many times have you put off going to the beach or the pool because you had your period and you were worried about creating a scene from JAWS?

Modibodi have thought about this dilemma and created leak-proof swimwear that protects you from the same issues mentioned above. The swimwear is designed to dry quickly too.

The range, like Modibodi’s underwear range consists of the Set Me Freestyle leak-proof one-piece and Got Your Backstroke leak-proof active bikini (both pictured above) is available size 6-18 and girls sizes 12-14.

On top of Modibodi’s swimwear range, I am excited to announce Modibodi are releasing a VPL free seamfree range in mid January, as well as a sensual full brief (pictured below) which will be sure to sell out! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Modibodi are generously offering our readers a VIP discount of 15% off their first order. Just head to the Modibodi website and enter the code stylishwomen18 at checkout (15% off storewide, excludes clearance, gift cards and bundle packs). Expires 31st Jan!

Which items do you like in the range? Have you had some horror stories to do with leakage or sweat? Tell us below!

#SP This was a sponsored collaboration with Modibodi as per our Disclosure Policy. All opinions are our own.

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