WSS Travel: The Best Things to do in Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is known as the third-largest island in the British Virgin Islands’ territory. It was named Virgin Gorda by Christopher Columbus during his second voyage to the New World way back in 1493. Here, you’ll be stunned with its vast offerings from unspoiled white sand beaches, rich culture and history, vibrant and lively marine life, and sumptuous cuisines plus the hospitality of the local people. To further make your vacation a remarkable one, stay in one of the beachfront homes in Virgin Gorda which will give you an ultimate relaxing and peaceful ambience inclusive of spectacular views at every turn which are just perfect for your much-awaited getaway!


It features a collection of huge boulders which is listed as a national park and one of the most popular attractions in the British Virgin Islands. It was the result of the volcanic activity 70 million years ago.  The volcanic lava leftovers create a series of grottoes the emerged on the sea water. The place is ideal for swimming and snorkelling. One of the best and exciting activities that you should not miss is the trail from Caves to Devil’s Bay. The trekking part last for about 20 minutes which involves clambering over boulders, splash through tidal pools and passing through narrow paths then eventually fall on to a sugar-sand beach. The best time to visit the area is at sunrise or late in the afternoon.


Gorda Peak is known as the island’s highest point which stands at 1,359 ft. There are two trails that will take you to the summit of the North Sound Rd. If you’ll be commencing from the Valley, there’s a first trail head, which marks the start of the longer trail for around 1.5 miles. It will take around 30 minutes, an almost half-mile walk to the crest. At the top, you’ll find a lookout tower which gives you an opportunity to see the entire archipelago.


You’ll drive along a winding road in order to reach the Copper Mine National Park located at the Virgin Gorda’s southwest tip. Don’t worry about the long drive, it’ll definitely worth the effort because you’ll be greeted the impressive stone ruins which include mine-shaft house and chimney which can be found all over the park. The Cornish miners worked in the area way back in 1838 and 1876. They’ve extracted as much as 10,000 tons of copper.


Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and head towards the off-the-beaten-path Hog Heaven. It is located way up on a hill which truly surprises you with spectacular views. Their house speciality is tender and gingerly touched barbecue ribs, potato salad, crispy chicken and the conch chowder which are all delectable. You can bring a jacket when dining in Hog Heaven since up there, it can be windy.


It is known as an excellent beach and is listed as a national park as well. The ambience here is like having a Baths-like setting less the crowds. It also features huge boulders along with the fine white sand. You’ll find a place called “the Crawl” which is a large pool enclosed by boulders which serves a protection from the sea. It has crystal clear water and the perfect spot for snorkelling.


Just a short distance from the north of the Valley, you’ll be in awe of Savannah Bay’s mile-long stretch of white sand which offers an avenue for long, solitary walks. This is one of the best spots in the Virgin Gorda to watch the romantic and fiery sunset. The water current here is calm and typically, it seems like you have the entire place for yourself.


It is one of Virgin Gorda’s newest restaurant, bar and cocktail lounge blending elegance of a white sand beach. It serves dishes with an Asian and Latin twist. Experience drinking their signature cocktails in their open-air bar or just right on the sand. Some of the must-try cuisines are the spicy calamari salad and the tempura shrimp lettuce wraps. There also have Sushi and the popular CocoMaya roll.


The tiny islet of Saba Rock is a nice place to drink. Numerous yachters drift in and can be seen during happy hour. Roam around the area and scrutinise the shipwreck booty on-site and be captivated by the gleaming boats. At 5 pm, where fish are being fed, you’ll notice there’s quite a splash and you’ll eventually see big fishes lurking by.


In order to reach Fat Virgin’s Café which is located on the dock of the Biras Creek Resort, travellers must come by boat.  This little bistro will reward you with a sumptuous and comforting food served at colour-splashed picnic tables just right on the water. Some of the must-try food in the area are curried-chicken-stuffed roti rocks the palate, burger, fresh fish and thick hand-cut fries which is perfect when partnered with beer.  And if you’re looking for a place to buy cool stuff, there’s a hip gift shop in the area.


Rock Café is a romantic café which features an outdoor dining setting within fountains and Virgin Gorda’s popular boulders and if you want an indoor dining, it has offers a cosy ambience, air-conditioned plus a presence of a piano bar. They serve mostly Italian cuisines together with pizzas, and fish. It is also the place where you can taste the best lobster on the island.  

Located just behind the café in the sibling Tree House restaurant which features 300-year-old kapok tree. Enjoy their fancier dishes while appreciating the sublime views it offers.


Join the locals as they go the Island Pot. Taste the best home-cooked West Indian food. Their house speciality is the barbecue chicken and ribs. There are daily dishes being served such as salt fish, bull-foot soup and chicken curry and rotis being sold at such reasonable prices. Island Pot is being operated by the friendly family. Alcohol is not served here but you have an option to bring your own.

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