Your Winter Home Maintenance Checklist


Preparing for the cold weather is never fun, regardless much you hate high summer temperature and prefer skiing instead. The problem with winter is that you need to prepare yourself and your home for a change of seasons, and this can be quite boring and tiring, especially if you live in a huge house. However, this doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems at first, and all you need to do is follow our maintenance checklist and you’ll surely be able to welcome the winter in the best way possible.

Check your plumbing

This is an issue most people don’t pay close attention to, but it can turn out to be quite a problem in the future unless you solve it right away. Low winter temperatures can put a pressure on your pipes, especially if you’re living in an old house or haven’t invested any money into your plumbing for quite some time. Repairing your pipes can be quite costly, but you can prevent this problem from appearing by properly maintaining them and protecting them against freezing. That’s why you should inspect them as soon as you can and seal up all cracks and holes, but also remember to keep the heat on if you’re out of home for a few days so that the pipes don’t freeze. You should think about the heating because it is a very important point for the winter. For example, you can use radiators from Best Electric Radiators.

Check your fireplace

Old houses are usually equipped with a beautiful fireplace and we’ve all pictured having one of these in our homes as well. You can turn it into the focal point of your living room and spend countless winter nights sitting next to it, reading, watching TV or simply enjoying some quality time with your family. However, none of this is going to happen if your fireplace isn’t working or your chimney is blocked. That’s why you need to call a chimney sweep who can check your chimney for traces of debris and dirt, but also for potential cracks and holes that might not affect your indoor temperature yet are surely going to endanger your home and turn your fireplace into a fire hazard instead of a way to keep your home warm and cozy.

Check your heating system

Speaking of heating, no matter how low the temperature goes in your area, winter is always dangerous – even if you’re living in Australia, where the winters are usually mild, things can get pretty dangerous from time to time. That’s why you need to pay attention to your heating system and make sure it’s working properly before it’s time to use it. Performing this check-up on your own might not be such a good idea, which is why people from this region often call experienced professionals who’ll be able to tweak their systems and make them as good as new. Therefore, consider contacting reliable people who specialise in gas heating systems in Sydney and you won’t have any problems with your indoor temperature control ever again.

Check your insulation

Insulating your home might be the best way to ensure the winter doesn’t harm you or your property. Yes, investing a huge amount of money into this project may sound like a bad idea to other people, but only you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of insulation on a daily basis, so it’s you who has to make this decision. Luckily, you’ll probably be able to take care of some of the smaller parts of this project on your own and thus save some cash. So, with the help of your contractor, start insulating your house from the outside and inside. This way, you’ll keep freezing temperatures at bay and save money on heating at the same time.

Check your entryway

You may not consider your entryway the most important part of your home, but it definitely is, especially during winter. After all, this is where you step into your home and bring in all the rain, snow and ice from the outside, which is why your entryway flooring deteriorates so easily. What you need to do is prepare it for the winter by organizing storage area for your shoes, investing in a proper floor mat that’s going to protect your flooring against damages and encourage your family to start using a boot scraper before walking in. Finally, check your front door and see if it needs a new coat of paint or some light repairs, so perform these adjustments as well.

Some of the other things you might want to consider doing while waiting for the winter include inspecting your roof, stacking up on your supplies and food, as well as cleaning your gutters from leaves and debris. This is something you probably won’t enjoy doing during the winter, so getting organized in advance and completing each step of the way before the temperatures start to drop is crucial, which is why you might want to begin right away and make sure you finish everything on time.

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