You’re Wearing Them Wrong: Shoe Style Tips That’ll Change Your Game

The average American woman owns 27 pairs of shoes, and we still feel like that’s an understatement. With beautiful shoe styles and style icons like Carrie Bradshaw, how can anyone stick with only a few? Still, no matter how many you own, you have to wonder, do you own the right ones?

Like sunglasses and haircuts, there’s a unique shoe style for everyone. Read on to learn more about which shoes belong in the closet and which should be given the boot (see what we did there?).

Shoe Styles That Make You Uncomfortable

No pain no beauty, right? Well actually, if you’ve ever watched a woman hobble around in heels she can barely walk in, then you know the aesthetic is completely wasted.

While you can learn to walk in some heels, don’t sacrifice comfort for any shoes you can’t wear for longer than five minutes. 

Instead, opt for style and comfort with these shoes that can be worn almost anywhere.  

Don’t Shy Away From Colours

Nude…black…yawn. While it helps to have some “sensible tones” in your collection, don’t underestimate the value of some bold hues.

A stunning canary pump can be exactly what’s needed to amp up classic jeans and a white t-shirt. You can even give your little black dress some added style by pairing it with some electric blue stilettos.

Throw in Some Statement Pieces

There’s nothing wrong with a pair of heels that turn heads. Choose shoes that feature statement details, like intriguing heel designs and metallic tones.

You can even opt for heels with strategic strap designs that make your legs look longer and more curvacious. 

A Pair for Everything

Similar to that perfect sweater or scarf that ties into everything, you should own one pair of heels that can easily go from day tonight.

This doesn’t mean you have to go boring. Black snakeskin pumps can be worn both in the board room and to drinks with the girls. It’s about finding the right balance between sexy and professional.  

A Cozy Pair of Platforms

Yes, stilettos may reign as the Queen of heels, but not when you’re heading outdoors. If you want to keep it glam at a family BBQ or sporting event, go for wedges.

Not only are they adorable with both flirty dresses and jeans, but they may just save you from a sprained ankle. Yikes. 

Shoes That Elongate

Heels have a way of bringing style and elegance to any look and body type, but it’s important to find heels that don’t cut off in the wrong places, making your legs appear shorter.

Instead, opt for high heels that offer more subtle hemlines (like these killer ankle boots). These will give the illusion of legs for days, even if you’re on the shorter side. 

Brush Up on Your Style

Whether it’s scoping out the latest shoe styles or summer trends, staying ahead of the style curve is the perfect way to ensure you’re always looking good.

Check out our style section for more advice on how to make a glamorous look effortlessly.

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