1. Annieb25
    @ 6:44 am

    Hurrah! Well said.


  2. Alex aka WHOA MUMMA!
    @ 7:03 am

    Damn straight.


  3. Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me
    @ 7:21 am

    Yes!! Seems to be a lot of it lately. Really sucky.


  4. Janet Camilleri
    @ 9:57 am

    It wasn’t me!!!! 😉


  5. Kimmi @ The Plastic Diaries
    @ 10:01 am

    I am sorry to hear you have been having a rough time in this area. I obviously know how much you have dealt with in the short time I have known you and it seems so stupid that people would be bitching about you in a blogging sense. I would like to think beauty bloggers aren’t as “bad” as it would seem mummy bloggers are but to be honest, I think it is just kept a lot quieter. I think every blogging circle has a group of petty people who can’t handle the success of others. It upsets me greatly because there is no industry that needs to support each other ,ore than blogging.


  6. BM x
    @ 10:14 am

    Yay, love it, u go girl!


  7. Evelyn (CottonCandyDiva)
    @ 10:31 am

    great post and I agree with you 100%

    Keep doing what you’re doing because you love it, not to please others!

    xo E


  8. Darren Rowse
    @ 12:14 am

    Hey Kellie – I completely agree with the need for us online folk to work towards a less bitchy/competative making approach online. Each of us should focus upon what we’re doing and creating something useful.

    However while I was reading your post I was thinking how it’d be simple for you to prove you didn’t buy followers and that it came from hard work as you say above – and I flicked your Twitter account into TwitterCounter.com and http://fakers.statuspeople.com/ to get you the stats to use to back up your post here and I do see a strange set of results.

    Last September your Twitter account jumped up by almost 20,000 (from 7k to 26k) in the month and the Status People tool shows you having 86% fake followers.

    On some levels I guess it isn’t anybody’s business but on the other hand these stats are pretty easy to check and being built into a lot of mainstream tools these days and perhaps that’s where some of this chatter comes from?


    • Kellie Anderson
      @ 12:58 am

      Hi Darren,

      I think anywhere where you have a group of women, it tends to get bitchy and competitive. Just the way it is unfortunately.

      To clarify your point, I DID indeed work my arse off for my followers. In Aug, Sep and Nov last year I pushed my social media on all levels. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin etc. As you probably know, if you list your Twitter handle on


    • Darren Rowse
      @ 1:11 am

      Not suggesting you did anything untoward – just thought you should know what those tools show.

      For eg. the http://twittercounter.com/StylishKellie show's a big upswing for September – almost 500 followers a day when previously it'd been 100 or so and then it stopped really suddenly and declined.

      I'm sure there are explanations and it's none of my biz –


    • Kellie Anderson
      @ 1:23 am

      As I said… it could have been from my social media push.

      I tend not to believe everything I read. How do we know these pages are legit and not spamming sites or similar?


  9. Stephanie Anderson
    @ 12:43 am

    oh well done I do hate gossipy crap… hurrah you stood up for you..
    and the last para… yep gossipers are behind you for a reason… you stand out in front… usually those peeps are nameless faceless anonymouses… who dont blog or care about the feelings of those that do…
    good for you… well done
    keep doing what you want to… (from a first time commenter of yours long time


  10. Anonymous
    @ 10:09 am

    40% fake…. Lucky you signed up all those advertisers beforehand


    • Kellie Anderson
      @ 10:29 am

      Excuse me? You obviously don't have any idea how Twitter works because I can guarantee everyone has fake or spam followers!
      My advertisers are with me for page numbers and what I can offer them… not my Twitter numbers.

      Oh and next time you want to comment, how about having the balls to actually use your real name! Gutless keyboard warrior!


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