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Beautiful Lengths Program Update

Beautiful Lengths Program Update

As you may or may not have known, in 2012 I took part in the launch of Australia’s arm of Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.

Pantene is a campaign by in partnership with the charity Look Good…Feel Better, which encourages women to grow, cut and donate their to be turned into real-hair wigs for women undergoing cancer treatment.
Pantene Lengths is a national campaign encouraging women in Australia and New Zealand to grow, cut and donate their hair to be turned into real-hair wigs for women undergoing cancer treatment. In partnership with the charity Look Good…Feel Better, Pantene has begun to distribute the wigs across Australia to women in need, at no cost to cancer patients.

Beautiful Lengths Program Update

The requirements to donate hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths are:
1. Each hair donation must be at least 8 inches long.
2. Hair may be coloured with vegetable dyes, rinses and semi-permanent dyes. It cannot be bleached, permanently coloured or chemically treated.
3. Grey hair is difficult to use in the wig-making process, so hair may not be more than 5% grey at the time of donation.
Even if you can’t pledge your ponytail, you can help by uploading a personal story, spreading the word and sharing the love of Beautiful Lengths.

With your help Pantene can help these remarkable women feel like themselves again by giving them free real-hair wigs. Many women with cancer say that putting on a wig helps them feel like themselves again, but real-hair wigs are a luxury that few can afford.

In May 2013, the first of the Pantene Beautiful Lengths wigs were donated to cancer patients and wig libraries in need.

I am incredibly happy to announce the charity has had 6800 ponytails donated since September 2012 but they need more and the next target is 10,000 donations. Please donate your hair to this worthy program, it really does make a huge difference to a woman undergoing treatment for cancer, as it gives them the much needed boost in confidence they need to feel positive and happy in horrible circumstances.

You can stay up to date with information on the program:

Instagram: @PanteneANZ



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Beautiful Lengths Program Update

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