10 Moving Home Hacks You’ll Wonder How You Coped Without

We all know how nail bitingly stressful moving house can be. However, the people who find it the most stressful, often don’t bother to look up suitable hacks before it’s time to move. There are actually more hacks than you think that could make your life so much easier as you move. Here are 10 of the best:

Organise Cords With Toilet Paper Rolls

When folding up your cords, use toilet paper rolls to keep them apart from other cords and stop them from getting tangled. You can even label the roll if it’s empty so you know exactly what that cord is for.

Take Pictures Of Wires

Take pictures of wires at the back of TVs and places you might find it difficult to set up again. You’ll be so glad you did this when you’re faced with 100 wires and none of your appliances are working.


Wrap Dishes In Your Shirts

To kill 2 birds with 1 stone, wrap your breakable dishes in your shirts. It’ll stop them from cracking and you’ll save money on bubble wrap.

Colour Code And Label Boxes

Colour code and label your boxes so that you have an easy job of unpacking when you get to your new place. You’ll know exactly where the boxes have got to go, and which box to go in if you need something.

Cut Handles Into The Sides of Your Boxes

To make it easier for you and your moving company, you could even cut handles in the sides of your boxes. This will make it less likely you drop something as you unpack, and make it healthier for everybody to lift.


Roll Your Clothes

Instead of folding your clothes the traditional way, roll your clothes instead. Things won’t get as creased and you’ll save so much space!

Use Plastic Wrap Around Cabinets

Plastic wrap your cabinets and you won’t need to worry about draws falling out and valuables breaking. You can just unwrap it and place it where you want it.

Use Apps To Help You

Apps like the Moving Day app are just perfect. You can use it to track what you have packed, and there’s even a label maker and scanner built in too. The best way to get organised!


Hire A Cleaner

Instead of spending lots of time cleaning your old house, packing up and getting everything dirty again, simply hire a cleaner to do it for you once the house is empty. You’ll save time and effort, for the sake of a little extra money.

Unpack The Bedrooms First

The bedrooms should take priority, because, you know, sleep. Then it’s the kitchen. Unpack in an order that makes sense and you’ll have a better time in your new home.

Hopefully you find these 10 moving home hacks useful, and they make moving to your new place an absolute dream. If you struggle to settle in, try finding a class you enjoy or reading a book that you love. Good luck!

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