Getting Back Up Again – A Guide To Coping With Life’s Knocks

Life has a habit of throwing curve balls your way. But what makes one person feel stronger and confident in tackling them can make another curl up in a ball and sob. We’re all different, and we all have different tolerances for the harder challenges that come our way. What happens may not be fair or justified, but how you deal with it could affect the rest of your life. Here are just some of the harder things we all have to deal with in life:

Relationship Breakdown

When you’ve been with the person you love for a long time, it is almost impossible to keep the life you knew after they’re gone. They were a part of your morning routine and bedtime routine. They were the person you turned to when you had a bad day, or you fancied some fun. Things in your life have to change now they’re not there. But that doesn’t mean your life can’t be better for it. This breakup provides opportunities to find new things for you. New people, new hobbies, and new routines. No more having to share, until you’re ready to meet someone new…

Job Loss

Getting fired is embarrassing, upsetting, and completely unfair. OK, so maybe you might have deserved a telling off. And perhaps, if you’re honest, the fact you hated that job so much probably had a lot to do with your attitude toward it. So wallow no more! It’s time to get another one. And if you think it’s hard to get another job after being fired, you’re wrong. Most companies will only give a reference confirming your term of service, with no good or bad comments on top. The quicker you get to your next interview the better, though. Figure out what went wrong, and find the role that will avoid those problems in the future.

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Healing after an injury can take a very long time. In that time, you may be in pain, and you may be financially hard up with the time off work. However, do not quit your job. Your employer is obliged to help you make the adaptations you need to continue with the company once you are ready. In the meantime, use injury lawyers to help you get the compensation you need to heal well. You might contact ASB Aspire to discuss your options if you have suffered a head injury. Using a specialist lawyer for your particular case can help move things along swiftly. Make sure you surround yourself with friends and family to avoid those moments of feeling down.


When you’ve worked hard to pass your exams, getting a fail mark can feel pretty devastating. It all seems so unfair when you have put that work in. But we all have off days. And we all get a bit overwhelmed with coping under pressure. We can miss things and make silly mistakes. This doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. So brush it off, get back to those books and practice dealing with the high-pressure exam situation. Now you’ve experienced it once, you know what to expect. You can do this!


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