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3 Things to Know About Kybella Injections

Lower chin fat causes a double chin that can be uncomfortable and unattractive to have. The fat has proven stubborn to get rid of for many, even after numerous weight loss programs. Others have even gone the extra mile to get rid of it through surgeries and procedures designed for double chin fat removal. Most procedures out there have yielded temporary results, and this is frustrating to those looking to get rid of the fat permanently. Kybella injections have become the most effective non-surgical procedures to get rid of this fat permanently. There has been skepticism around them since much is not known about them. Below are the three things you need to know about Kybella Injections.

1)    How Kybella Injections Work

The injections contain deoxycholic acid a product produced by the body as a bile acid to absorb fat. The product breaks down fat and absorbs it, reducing its levels and concentration in the body. When used on the double chin, it also destroys body fats cells around the area eliminating the chances of an occurrence.

If you are in Australia, you only need a few clicks online to get the top Kybella treatment in Melbourne. The treatment is carried out in clinics by a qualified practitioner and in safe conditions. The practitioners access the patients to determine the number of sessions needed. Before administration, the area is cleaned to reduce the chances of an infection. The practitioner marks the area and administer a topical numbing agent to reduce the discomfort and the pain since Kybella injections are painful. It takes several vials and sessions to achieve the desired results. Since fat concentration differs, treatment is always designed to fit your specific needs.

2)    Risks and Side Effects

Despite Kybella injections being non-invasive procedures, they might pose a few risks and cause several side effects. The common side effects associated with it include swelling, redness, and pain around the chin after the procedure. This is easily taken care of by ice cubes and pain medications. They also subside and go away within a few days. Before administering the injections, you need to talk to the practitioners first. During this consultation session, inform them of your medical conditions. This includes your current health state and any other procedures you plan to undergo such as cosmetic surgeries. The drug affects fetuses and their formation. Therefore, reveal your pregnancy status or communicate any plans you may have of getting pregnant. Immediately after the procedure, patients complain of difficulty in swallowing. Other serious effects experienced after the procedure include muscle weakness around the face, nerve injuries, and bleeding. In case these side effects occur, contact the providers immediately since some might lead to permanent damage if not addressed early enough.

3)    Cost

It might be hard to put a price tag on the procedure since the charges vary from one clinic to the other. The procedure is also administered differently across persons. Some get a minimum of two sessions while others get over four sessions. Pre-treatment preparations and procedures also differ creating the variance in price. Complications also increase the cost of treatment. Your geographical location also affects your costs since some have to make reservations and even stay in the hospital until the session is completed. Additionally, private health insurances do not cover this procedure, and you would be required to pay in cash.

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