4 Fantastic Ideas For Giving Your Home’s Exterior A Style Boost

Is the outside of your home as beautifully stylish as the inside? Or does its peeling paint and shabby style bring down the tone of your home? It isn’t just the inside of your home that counts, the exterior of your property is just as important.

Most people only opt to give the exterior of their homes a revamp when it comes to selling the property, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Once you have given the outside of your home a makeover, you will find it much easier to keep it in better shape.

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To help you give the exterior of your home a style boost, here are four simple tips to follow:


  1. Invest in a statement door

Swapping your old plastic front door for something a bit more iconic can make a huge difference to the look of your home. Opt for a door that works well with the tone of your property – wooden doors tend to work well with all property styles.


To add extra style to your front porch, aim to find a door that has lots of detail carved into it. The more intricate the detail, the better, as this will draw more attention to your door. If you want a door that lets more light into your home, opt for a door with window panels. Adding a windowed door can also brighten up the look of your property, making it look more welcoming.


  1. Get a door canopy

Adding a stylish covering over your door, will not only add elegance but will also keep you dry when leaving the house in the rain. Adding a covered entrance to your home can also do a lot for your property’s curb appeal, as it adds style and sophistication to it.


There are various door canopies on the market, but the best ones are the designs that are easy to maintain. No one wants the extra hassle of having to maintain a door canopy, so opting for an easy to maintain design is a must.


  1. Add exterior lighting

You can inject depth into your property’s exterior simply by adding the right light features. It might sound a little odd, but adding exterior lighting can give your property a whole new look.

To create a stylish front porch, invest in subtle lighting for above each window, as well as a stand-out light for above the door. Outdoor lanterns have become incredibly popular, and are ideal for giving your home a style a boost.


  1. Add a gate

If your property doesn’t already have a gate, consider investing in one. There are so many beautiful gate designs to choose from, that when it comes to picking the perfect one, you will be spoilt for choice.

Choose between a wooden or metal gate, and use it to add more depth to your garden. To place a gate in your garden, you will need a fence running around the edge of it, so if you don’t already have one, you will need to get one fitted.


When it comes to adding style to the exterior of your home, it can be difficult to know where to start. However, by making a few small, simple changes, it’s amazing the difference you can make to the look and feel of your home.


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