The Ultimate Guide To Looking After Your Garden


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It’s all well and good having a nice garden, but you have to look after it! You can’t just leave a garden alone and expect it to stay beautiful. Bearing that in mind, here are some ways you can properly look after your garden:

Protection From Wildlife

Now, there’s nothing wrong with welcoming some wildlife into your back garden. The problem is; it tends to be unwanted wildlife that always finds a way in. Cats from next door, possums, rabbits or foxes can use your garden as their personal toilet. You’ll spend ages making it look nice then wake up the next day to find droppings everywhere, and flowerbeds trampled.

So you need to take action and make it harder for them to get into your garden. Build a stone wall around your yard to protect it from unwanted visitors. This doesn’t just stop animals from coming in, but it can also stop potential burglars too. With a wall up, your garden should be safe from wildlife and dropping free!

Install A Drainage System

There’s one thing that will always be a pain for your garden, the rain. When it rains, it pours, and it could have a terrible effect on your back yard. When rainwater falls on your lawn, it can stay there for days before it completely evaporates. This can end up ruining the grass and drowning plants. Wet grass is also attractive to wildlife like snakes and rodents. There are many other problems that a waterlogged yard can pose, it can even lead to structural damage to your home.

Which is why it’s a good idea to install an outdoor drainage system in your garden. By doing this, you have a way to quickly drain away excess water before it starts causing damage. The system will sit underneath your lawn and be unrecognizable to even the keenest eye.


Destroy All Weeds

Sadly, weeds are always present and can be annoying to get rid of. There’s nothing attractive about weeds; they leave your garden looking unkempt and ugly. You need to destroy all the weeds from your garden and then prevent them from growing back.

Rip them up from their roots or use a power tool to cut them down. Once you’ve removed every last trace of weeds from your garden, it’s time to start the prevention process. Spray down weed killer every day for a week and you should see weed growth stop. Even if it doesn’t stop completely, you’ll find it takes a lot longer for them to grow back, and they’ll be smaller too.

Take Care Of Your Plants

The main aspect of a garden is having all your pretty plants on display. But, you have to know the correct ways to take care of them.

Water your plants and give them plant food, so they can grow and stay alive. Without water, they won’t be able to survive and will soon dry out and die. However, make sure you don’t overwater them or they’ll drown. Find the right balance to keep them healthy and looking great.

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