4 Quick and Easy Makeovers For Your Home


Sometimes it happens without you realising – one day you wake up and realise that your home has become dated. From tired interiors to neglected gardens to exteriors that have seen better days, there are many ways that your house can begin to look uncared for. You could find yourself flicking through interiors magazines dreaming of giving your home a makeover. But what are the best things to give your space that quick lift? What has the maximum impact? What will really make a difference to the look, feel and ultimately the saleability of your home?

Find a Great Architectural Firm

The key to a successful home makeover is to identify the professionals that can really help you to get ahead. Working with a great local architectural firm will open your eyes to a world of alterations and design tricks that you may not have considered before, but that could add serious design appeal to your home. If the firm has worked on similar projects in the neighbourhood before, they’ll be able to offer great advice on things such as refreshing your exterior with new cladding and windows, landscaping gardens to complement the house and reconfiguring the interior layout to ensure that it works well for you. They may also recommend garage door servicing or replacement or adding extensions such as dormer windows to an attic conversion, which can all radically change the look of your home.

Go Bold With Colour

We’re often daring when it comes to interior decoration, but how about adding a splash of bold colour outside? Repainting your house in a more unusual shade can really have a transformative effect. Who says neutral is the way forward? A masonry paint in a brighter colour can make a really modern statement for your home. Pressure wash and prime the exterior first, and choose a shade that makes you happy. Then paint away for a bold new look.

Add a Garden Room

If you’d like to add a little extra space for entertaining, an office or a fitness studio, you don’t have to extend the existing building. Prefabricated wooden and glass garden rooms can add that extra space and look beautiful, at a lower cost than a traditional extension. And with a lifespan of around 69 years, they can add real value to your home, both in terms of space you can use now and when you come to sell. Quicker to build and less disruptive, they are becoming a popular alternative giving more homeowners a way to have that gym, meditation space or study space they’ve always wanted.

Train Some Climbers

If you find the exterior appearance of your home too harsh, have you considered softening it’s features by introducing some climbing plants? A bit of greenery can have an outsized impact. All you need is some trellising or wire and a fast-climbing plant like wisteria or ivy to get that heritage look. Similarly, ground level planting features can pretty up your property, from large planters full of lavender to box hedging in clever topiary shapes.


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