Is Your Child Scared of Water?

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Swimming is an activity that most parents want their children to embrace for a variety of reasons. Not only is it an important form of exercise, but also it is essential for safety reasons, and swimming lessons provide a good opportunity for children to meet with others and improve their social skills. However, if your child is scared of water, swimming can be a bit of a problem to say the least.

The first thing you need to do is determine where this fear of water stems from. There are many different reasons why children may not like water. Some simply don’t like it because it makes them feel insecure and unsafe. For others, it may be associated with a painful memory or something they have seen on television that has stayed with them. By getting to the bottom of why your child is scared, you will be able to help them more effectively.

You should also see bath time as a good time to introduce your child to water. You should do as much as possible to generate positive feelings when it comes to bath time. Think of different activities you can do that will make your child feel more comfortable and happier in water. 

It is also vital to have a long-term view. Unfortunately, most children will not get over their fear of water overnight. You are going to need to be patient and persistent. As difficult as it can be, take a deep breath and don’t show your child your frustration.

Once you are ready to enrol your child in a swim school. It is important to choose a reputable swim school. Choose a school that has experience in dealing with swimmers of all levels, especially children. Make sure they are sensitive to children that are scared of water. You should ask them if they have ever had children that are scared before and what they have done to ease their fears. It is also advisable to read reviews online to see what other parents have had to say.

You also need to think about the style of swimming lesson that is going to be right for your child. Some children will feel more comfortable with their parents and, therefore, you may wish to embrace family swim lessons first and foremost. Once your child is ready to branch free, consider whether group or private lessons would be more beneficial for them. Solo lessons mean your child will have the complete attention of the teacher, yet group lessons as more social.

If you follow the advice that has been provided above, you should, hopefully, be able to ease your child’s fear so that they can embrace swimming and put their fears of water in the past once and for all. It can be a frustrating journey, but it is important to stick with it for your child’s sake.

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