4 Signs a Loved One May Be Suffering From Addiction

It’s not always easy to tell if a loved one is suffering from addiction, but there are signs that family members can watch out for. The signs listed here are all possible in someone who has started using drugs or alcohol and who may be addicted to substances they have been using more frequently. If you notice any of these signs, talking to them can enable you to get to the bottom of the issue and start to help them get treatment.

Changes in Appearance

Some of the biggest signs of drug or alcohol addictions are with changes to a person’s appearance. They may frequently have bloodshot eyes or their eyes may appear glazed. They can also have dilated or constricted pupils after using drugs. On top of this, family members may notice a quick loss in weight, changes in their hygiene, or skin problems that didn’t exist previously. Family members who notice signs like these can visit to learn about treatment options and how to talk to their loved ones.

Psychological Changes

Psychological changes can occur quickly, and they may be the first signs family members really take notice of. Some of the psychological changes that family members might notice initially include increased aggression or changes in attitude and personality. They may also notice their loved one is suddenly suffering from depression, has dramatic changes in their typical habits, or is tired more frequently. Many of the psychological changes can be from something other than addiction, but if they appear alongside other signs of addiction, it may be a good time to talk with the loved one about what is going on and what can be done to help them.

Secretive or Illegal Acts

Those who are addicted to illegal drugs might start acting more secretive or suspiciously. They might appear as if they’re trying to hide something or start lying about where they’re going, who they will be with, and what they’re planning on doing. Little lies might turn into big ones, especially if they add up over time and it seems like it’s more difficult to trust what they say. They may also start getting into legal trouble because of the addiction. This could include getting into fights, getting caught driving under the influence, or being arrested for the possession of drugs.

Missing Money

Another big sign of addiction is financial issues. Close family members may notice that money seems to be disappearing. Even though they used to have enough money to cover expenses, they have started borrowing money more frequently or may start stealing money from family members and friends. Theft and missing money can be signs of other issues too, but if this is combined with any of the above signs, it’s a good indication that the person may be struggling with an addiction.

Most of the time, family members start to get a feeling that something just isn’t right. If they suspect a loved one is having trouble and they notice any of the above signs, especially if they notice more than one, they should talk to their loved one to get more information. It’s possible they will find out their loved one is suffering from an addiction and needs help. At this point, they can discuss possible options for treatment and work to make sure their loved one gets the help they need. 

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