4 Things to Know Before Taking Medication for Mental Illness

Have you been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, or some other mental illness? Considering taking medication for it? If so, there are some things that you should know. 

Curious as to what these things are? Then read on. Here are 4 things to know before taking medication for mental illness. 

1. You’re Probably Going to Be a Little Drowsy

Anyone who’s taken mental illness meds knows: mental illness meds can make you a little drowsy, especially when they’re first being taken. The higher the dose, the more exhaustion you’ll face. 

For this reason, you’ll likely have your dosage ramped up slowly. Ramping up will keep your level of exhaustion to a minimum, allowing you to, for the most part, live your life as usual. Note, though, that you might feel the need to take naps throughout the day.

2. It Might Not Work, At Least Not Initially 

Not everyone responds to mental illness drugs in the same way; these products have differing effects on different people. Whereas one person with depression might be nearly cured by a specific drug, another person with depression might receive no benefit from that same drug. 

It’s all about getting the right drug or the right combination of drugs. Be patient, work with your mental health professional, and, eventually, you’ll find a concoction of meds that work for you. 

3. Taking Mental Illness Meds Doesn’t Make You a Bad Person

There’s still quite a bit of stigma around mental illness, so much, in fact, that mentally ill individuals will sometimes forego the use of mental illness meds as a means of not having to face that stigma.

But we’re here to tell you that taking mental illness meds doesn’t make you a bad or defective person. Every human being on this planet has health problems. Yours is no different than anyone else’s, it just exists in your mind instead of in your body. 

And besides, your meds are designed to help you. So, if all goes to plan, your mental illness symptoms will actually be treated, allowing you to function better in society. 

4. Meds Alone Won’t Solve the Problem

Mental illness meds help to reduce the effects of different mental illnesses. However, they’re not magical. They won’t solve your problem entirely on their own. 

You have to supplement your usage with a healthy lifestyle. This includes regular exercise, a solid diet, and an active effort to better yourself. 

Taking Medication for Mental Illness Can Make a World of Difference

Yes, taking medication for mental illness can have some unwanted side effects. Note, though, that, on the whole, they’re extremely beneficial and could go on to make a world of difference for you. The key is to be cognizant of their effects and participate in ongoing treatment with a mental health professional. 

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