4 Things You Do To Help The Environment

At the moment, everyone seems to be talking about the environment: what you should be doing, what you shouldn’t be doing and what you don’t even know that you’re doing. It can be difficult in our current climate to actively help the environment in a way that’s manageable within your routine. However, everyone can do their part to help the environment – and small changes can make a big difference. By being realistic in your goals and doing these 4 things, you’ll already be making a difference. So, what are they?

Taking public transport

Whilst driving to work might be a big part of your routine, if you opt for public transport you reduce the number of fumes that go into the atmosphere. Plus, public transport is generally safer (although there can still be accidents, like this driver who had a bus accident in Indiana). However, there are many additional perks to taking public transport, as you can sit back, relax and read a book, or do some work to prepare you for the day on your commute. You might also meet new and interesting people – all whilst helping to save the environment. 

Eating less meat

The meat industry has a significantly negative impact on the environment because of the amount of land it uses to raise animals and the greenhouse gases it produces. Whilst some people choose to go vegan and find this an easy lifestyle choice, others may struggle to cut out meat entirely. But don’t panic. You can help the environment by reducing the amount of meat you eat and only eating meat that is well sourced. Cutting down on cheap, processed meats will also improve your overall health – including your skin – and you’ll be contributing to the reduction in consumer demand. 

Recycling and composting 

You’ll know that single use plastic is officially the devil, and therefore recycling at home is incredibly important. There are two types of recycling that you can do. These are: 

  • reusing things such as plastic bags, bottles and containers, and 
  • using recycling bags

If you keep an eye on what’s going in the bin, and what’s going in the recycling bag, you’re reducing the amount of waste going into landfill. Likewise, by composting, you’re encouraging any food waste to be broken down and to go back into the earth in an effective way. 

Wearing a jumperSounds so simple, right? That’s because it is. If you’re someone who gets cold easily, you might be tempted to pop the heating on when you get a bit chilly. However, central heating utilises carbon monoxide which damages the environment. Therefore, when you’re feeling chilly at home, think about layering with jumpers, slippers and blankets before you head over to the thermostat. Having secure, double glazed windows will keep the heat in effectively and reduce the need to have your heating on at home. You can also help the environment by making sure your heating doesn’t come on when you’re out of the house or on holiday.

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