5 Unique Types of Summer Camps Your Kids Will Love

Over 7 million children enjoy going to summer camp every year.

But, you’d be wrong if you think that summer camp is always the same. There are a wide variety of different types of summer camps.

Whether your child is an athletic sports fanatic or a bookworm indoor kid, there is a summer camp theme for every child.

Don’t believe us? Check out these unique summer camps in the blog post below. 

1. Adventure at the Wizards and Warriors Camp

Does your child wish he was Harry Potter? Are your kids addicted to watching the Lord of the Rings movies?

This Wizards and Warriors camp is the perfect destination to send your myth loving kid this summer.

There is almost constant role play. Your kid’s imagination will run wild as everyone pretends to be wizards fighting dragons and scare off demons with magic.

But, this summer camp isn’t only about fun and play. Your kid will also learn about mythological history, pick up a touch of Latin and build self-confidence.

2. Singing and Dancing at the Musical Theatre

Has your child always wanted to go to camp for the summer? But, you’re not sure about which summer camp would be best.

Your child will be able to pursue their creative flare and express themselves artistically at the musical theatre summer camp in New York.

This is where campers spend a whole summer singing and dancing with instructors. But, they’ll also get the chance to learn about everything from photography to design.

3. Let Them Experience the Writopia Camp 

Does your child always have their head in a book?

You may think that because of this, summer camp surely isn’t for them. But, this Writopia summer camp will encourage this writing and reading.

They’ll experience poetry workshops and engage in storytime around the campfire. This summer camp could be the inspiration your kid needs to become the next Hemingway.

4. Send Your Music Genius to the School of Rock

Does your kid dream of being a rockstar? 

You can encourage your little rock and roller by sending them to a School of Rock camp for the summer.

They’ll be able to experiment with different musical instruments and sing together with kids their own age. 

Getting a musical education from experienced musicians can really improve your kid’s natural talent for playing the guitar or singing vocals.

5. Be Inventive By Going to Science Camp

If your child is a brain box, they may thrive in the environment of a science camp. Don’t they learn enough science in school?

At science camp, they’ll get the chance to do chemistry experiments in a real lab, go digging for fossils and look up at the stars in the night sky.

Unique Types of Summer Camps

If you want to send your kids to summer camp, there are always more types of summer camps than you realize.

From a science camp to a musical theatre camp, there is a summer camp that will give your child a better experience than they could ever imagine.

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