Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday Party On A Budget

It is that time of the year again when your child is looking forward to an awesome party on his birthday and you are trying to balance your expenses. Before you start thinking of ways to convince your child about why his birthday party needs to be toned down, take a look at these ideas to make the party awesome on a budget.  

Party Timing

Food can cost a lot and a lot of food gets wasted. Avoid this pitfall by planning the party between two and five in the afternoon. This would mean serving snacks rather than a full meal, thus saving on costs.

Plan Well in Advance

If you plan the party well in advance, you can take advantage of comparing prices before purchase, picking up party items during discount sales and not having to buy overpriced party items at the last minute.

Save Paper

Save time, effort and money by sending out the party invite digitally – either through social media or through emails. This will save on the cost of paper and the time and effort put in writing and sending them. 

Use Your Network for Entertainment

Most children love to have a dressed-up character at the party. However, getting a professional to dress up and play Superman can be expensive. For ideas, you can check out how to plan children’s entertainment and make your child’s birthday party special. One good idea is to ask your friends and colleagues to find someone who works in a uniform. Do you have a friend who works as a police officer or a fireman? Well, request him to make an appearance in uniform and watch the children getting enthralled with him. 

Bake at Home

Get the children to help you bake the birthday cake at home. Make it an activity that is fun and something they can be proud of – baking their birthday cake. There are many DIY cake mixes available. You could have two cakes – one that you bake and the other that is baked by the child.

Decorate with DIY Decorations

Involve the children in using everyday items to create unique decorations for the party. You could buy the basic items and jazz them up. For example, plain paper plates can be made special by punching a hole on the outer edge. Punch a hole in the paper napkin and then put the plate and napkin together with a piece of string.

Change the Venue and Type of party

Why be stuck with having a traditional birthday party at your home. Instead, you could plan a picnic in a nearby place. This would save on the time, effort and cost of decorating your place while ensuring that the children have a fun time at the picnic. How about a birthday outing to the zoo? 

Plan Activities That Cost Little or Nothing 

Plan games and activities that are fun and do not cost too much. Paint small rocks with gold paint, hide them and organize a treasure hunt. The children can take the rocks home as the treasure that they have found. Musical chairs is another game that is classic and enjoyed by all. 

The Bottom Line

The idea of a birthday party is to make it special and for everyone to enjoy themselves. You could use money or your imagination and ideas to make it happen.

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