5 Ways To Decorate Your Child’s Birthday Party Simply Yet Brilliantly

A child’s birthday party is cause for joy, as your little one is now a year older! It’s a great time to reflect on their growth in the last year and make sure they understand that they’re loved. It’s also a great time to socialise with the parents of those in their class, and potentially help them make new friends. But sometimes, the planning can seem like a full-time job in itself. Ensuring that safety, fun, and space requirements are met on the big day will take a lot of careful forethought, but making sure the place you’re to hold the party is decorated well needn’t be.

If you’re struggling for ideas, these 5 best decoration tips will help you on your way to throw the best, most memorable party your child will ever have.


Garlands are a great tool to employ in your party decorating arsenal because they’re so open to utility. You can attach repeating photographs of your child in each pattern, or attach bows and strings to it to spice things up. Garlands are cheap and have the effect of making your room look inviting and warm. A win-win!

Photo Murals

A great way to bring a personal touch to your party space is utilising photo murals. Many photograph printing companies offer this service. Having pictures of your child printed onto a big number that signifies their age can be a great way to have an attractive centrepiece that celebrates your child growing a year older. It will also help those forgetful parents who might struggle remembering what age of happy birthday to wish your child. We’ve all been there!

Food Towers

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Food towers are a great way to make a celebration out of the birthday feast. Arranging cupcakes, the main birthday cake and an assortment of snacks in a decorative way, with a colourful tablecloth can help your party fit the theme well. It’s also a great way to show you’ve made an effort, with little actual time investment. All you’re really doing in placing the food in different height elevations, but you’d be surprised how good it can look!

Plastic Letters

Image: Pinterest

Plastic letters spelling ‘Happy Birthday’ and the name of your child can be a great way to introduce the space that the guests walk into. It also gives the room a beautiful person touch. You’ll also be able to take these home to remember your great event, and use them in the future.

Balloon Decorations

Image: Pinterest

You might think that balloons are a fairly simple decoration, just blow them up and throw them around the room, right? Yes, but they also have more practical applications. If you’re willing to take the time, you can create amazing animals simply using sausage balloons and a simple internet guide. This really helps bring a level of detail and interactivity to how your children interact with your party space. Plus, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to teach the children how to do it as a side attraction!


No matter what you choose, taking the time to organize a party means you’re a super parent. Remember to have fun!


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