Getting Braces for Your Teenager

Back when I was a teenager, braces were thick, metal wires that covered nearly all of your teeth.

Thankfully, these days, braces are quite thinner and less noticeable than when I was a teen, so much so that kids are now asking their parents for braces. Yes, really!

A recent study by the Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) shows that attitudes towards dental health has changed significantly since I was a teenager.

Results showed seven out of 10 orthodontists have said that children reacted with happiness and excitement when they were told they needed braces and an astounding nine in ten orthodontists witnessed kids get upset when they were told that they didn’t need braces.

Advanced technology treatment options are varied and give patients a lot more choice when it comes to their orthodontic treatment. Like glasses, braces have become somewhat a fashion accessory for teens.

With new clear aligners like Invisalign®  aligners, teens can also have an alternative to braces, and obtain ongoing orthodontic care without the stress and worry of what the treatment looks like. The clear look and ability to remove them at any time allows teens to feel confident, self-fulfilled and lets your teen move on with their normal life.

Invisalign treatment is a great system for people who do not want the look or feel of traditional metal brackets, with all the benefits of the latest technology behind the treatment.

The Invisalign aligners look a little bit like some retainers but are a lot thinner and barely noticeable. These aligners, which are made of clear, strong, medical grade, non-toxic plastic, are specifically moulded to your individual requirements and fit over your upper and lower teeth. This plastic is virtually invisible when worn so very few people will notice when your child is having treatment.

The Invisalign System uses a series of custom-made removable aligners created for you and only you. The aligners are designed to gradually move your teeth into the desired position. Every 1 to 2 weeks your teen will need to change their aligners which build on the work of the previous aligners. The length of treatment is dependent on the severity of individual cases and will vary from anywhere between 6 months to 2 years. Average treatment time is around 12 to 14 months.

There are a lot of benefits of an Invisalign treatment. Your teen can eat and drink what they want (traditional braces require the user to not eat certain foods Invisalign aligners are comfortable and there isn’t any discomfort wearing them.

I wish Invisalign aligners were around when I was a teen, it would have made my experience so much better and if my boys need treatment to straighten their teeth, I would definitely go with this option.

Disclaimer: Invisalign® treatment is a series of clear plastic removable orthodontic aligners that gently move patients’ teeth. An orthodontist or Invisalign trained dentist will be able to advise whether Invisalign treatment is right for you. You should always read and follow their directions for use. In rare cases, allergies may occur.

#SP This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Invisalign Australia, as per our Disclosure Policy. All thoughts are our own.

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  • Bronnie - Maid In Australia

    Invisalign sounds fab. I know a lot of adults who are using it and have considered it myself. Apparently as you age, you lose bone in your jaw, so it has made my teeth crowded. Quite a few friends have had braces (or invisalign) for the same reason.

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