6 Leg Confidence Killers & How To Fix Them

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You don’t have to be a 6ft supermodel to feel like your legs are your best asset. If you think they’re too short, wobbly or you just don’t feel comfortable showing them in public everyone can take steps to make them feel amazing. Here are 5 of the most common confidence killers and how you can fix them. 
1. Dry Skin
Dry, flaky skin is a real problem in winter, but it doesn’t mean you should hide under tights until springtime. Often this dryness is caused by changes in temperature and general lack of attention. For silky smooth and soft legs, make sure you exfoliate (even when you know no one is going to see them) and moisturise them before bed. Start by removing the dry skin with buffing gloves or a loofah. Next use a moisturiser to replenishing the skin’s essential oils. This will make for hydrated, soft and gorgeous legs in the morning.

2. Blotchy Patches
The blotchiness can be caused by poor circulation, so it’s important to stay as active as possible, keep your legs moving, and try not to sit in one place for too long. If you’re pale skinned these red patches can look much more obvious, so why not fake it? Find a self tanner that you’re comfortable with, and give your legs a gentle coat. You’ll be surprised how even a light covering can reduce the appearance of blotches and other obvious marks. As a bonus it can also be very slimming!

3. Varicose veins
They’re unsightly, often painful, and can be tricky to treat. Limiting clothing choices and killing your style. For a lot of women, they can be a real confidence killer. It’s disheartening to feel like you have to cover your legs all the time.
To reduce the appearance of varicose veins, try natural remedies like yoga. The gentle stretching will increase blood flow to your legs which can help reduce their spider like appearance.

4. Wobbly bits
If hitting the gym fills you with dread, but you want to tone up, try incorporating more firming exercises into your daily routine. Take the stairs more often (great for firming up the bum and thighs) and even work small exercises like squats into everyday activities. You could do them during the ad breaks of your favourite TV show, or even at the sink when you’re washing dishes. These small changes can make a big difference over time.

5. Bumpy bits
Shaving in a rush, or excessively, can cause razor bumps, itchy patches and even ingrowing hairs. If you’re addicted to leg shaving, it might be time to take a little break and give your skin some time to heal. If you can’t bear the thought of going natural for more than a few days try these tips.
1. make sure you’re using a proper shaving cream.
2. Replace your razor as often as possible.
3. Take your time and make sure you don’t end up with nicks and cuts.

6. Bad tailoring
Pick your outfits wisely. The length of your skirt can either make or break how good your legs look. If you’ve got shorter legs, avoid anything that ends at the calf as this can look frumpy.
Likewise, midi dresses that stop too low can make short girls look even shorter. Try a few different lengths to get a feel for how low you want to go. Don’t forget, you can have the outfit tailored to suit your body.

The last thing to do is pick a confident strut, a pair of killer shoes and walk the walk. Holding your head high and owning your body will ensure you always look confident. Even if you don’t feel it.

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