7 Ways How to Style Unique Moon Jewelry

They say that the only sure thing in life is change. What better way to show this sentiment than a wearable reminder? With our ever-changing world, it’s no wonder moon jewelry continues to gain in popularity.

The moon’s waxing and waning create a natural association with themes of change and growth. Also, its effect on the push and pull of ocean tides reminds us of the natural ebb and flow of life. For those who are into the spooky and ethereal, even the silvery glow of the moon can bring elegance to your aesthetic.

Here are 7 ways to use moon jewelry to invite a little lunar magic into your life.

1. Moon Phase Jewelry

A classic way to use moon jewelry is representing the moon in all its phases. This creates a mirrored gradient look that captures the eye no matter how it’s displayed. How fascinating that such a naturally occurring phenomenon can hold such an aesthetic charge!

2. The Crescent Moon

The particular part of the moon phase that is often the most visually striking is the crescent moon. The high recognizability of this shape means it works with even small amounts of detail no matter the size. For example, the crescent moon central to Sailor Moon jewelry works in both the most simplistic and highly intricate forms.

3. Delicate Moon and Stars Charms

Small, delicate charms accentuate any part of the body they’re near. Accompanying a moon with several smaller stars creates an effect that mirrors the twinkling of the actual night sky.

That little bit of dangling from side to side is a great way to reflect any light hitting the jewelry for an extra touch of opulence.

4. Silver or Gold?

Moon charms are often paired with a silver chain or set in a silver casting. Silver is a great way to mimic the luminous glow of the moon, but it’s not your only choice. If gold works better for your skin tone, consider layering something like this bold crescent moon bracelet with more single-chain jewelry. 

Stepping outside of the typical silver moon look could give your piece a unique, on-trend look.

5. Sun and Moon for Balance

The sun and moon are universal symbols with a variety of meanings in different cultures. Often, these meanings come down to a general theme of balance. 

Sun and moon jewelry may show the two facing each other to form a complete circle. For something more unique, asymmetric earrings are also a great way to showcase these two forces.

6. Moon’s Best Friend

Incorporating animals alongside your moon can bring an added symbolism to the final piece.

Nocturnal animals such as owls often have an air of wisdom and intellect. Same for wolves, who are expert communicators and hunters. Cats of course bring witchy tranquility when perched on a crescent moon.

For something even more outside of the box, check out the luna moth, one of the most striking nocturnal insects that work great as a charm.

7. Moonstones for a Unique Approach to Moon Jewelry

If you’re looking for something a little more abstract, moonstone is a great option. This gem captures the ethereal nature of the moon but does not have to mimic its exact shape. Plus, moonstone comes in a variety of hues ranging from a white opal to green and blue.

Stay on Trend With Celestial Jewelry

Moon jewelry is a surefire way to give your outfit an air of grace and distinction. Be sure to invest in quality pieces today.

For more tips on how to amplify your unique style, check out the rest of our website for more style advice today.

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