Cold Comforts: Ways Winter Is Trying To Ruin Your Life And How To Fight Back

There is a general acceptance in society, and falling foul of it tends to mean you’re outside of the societal norm. When it comes to the seasons, the general consensus seems to fall to:

Spring = Lovely

Summer = Lovelier

Autumn = Lovely (if a little bit cold)

Winter = hell

Express an opinion outside of these, and you’re likely to be met with incredulous looks and disbelief.

There’s good reason for it, too. Winter is a rough old season. It comes around every year, yet we still seem to be surprised by how fierce it is. As it bears down upon us once again, it can almost begin to feel like the vendetta is personal.

Your Home


Your home will look beautiful at one point this winter; try and bear that in mind when everything else is miserable.  

Those aren’t even your major battles. Fighting the cold is a permanent battle, one which can result in high gas and electricity bills that make you want to cry. Then there’s the humidity, as condensation builds and leads to a damp feeling in the air.

How to beat it: There’s nothing you can do about the light issues, outside of investing in a good floor lamp. The condensation can be dealt with if you invest in proper ventilation, such as Casablanca Ceiling Fans or a dehumidifier. As for the gas bills, just make sure you’re on a tariff. If you’ve been with the same supplier for years, switching could save a lot of money.

Your Skin


The skin on your face is precious and most of us spend a lot of time caring for it. Yet winter comes along and doesn’t care a jot about the effort we put in. Our lips chap, our cheeks redden and we begin to feel dry and sore.

We complicate matters with indoor heating. It makes us warm, but it dehydrates our skin and just complicates problems.

How to beat it: Moisturise and then moisturise some more. Invest in a good quality product, and go for both day and night versions. You can also investigate things like micellar water, which don’t strip your skin of its oils but still get it clean. Keep lips covered either with lipstick or lip balm, and avoiding matte products as they will worsen the drying.

Your Body

When it’s cold, our muscles are less flexible. Aches and pains can descend, and will stubbornly remain until we do something about them.

How to beat it: Exercise. Yes, it’s probably the last thing you want to hear, but you’ve got to get your blood pumping to heat yourself. Focus on low-impact and stretching exercises to help your muscles be at their best, and avoid weight work where possible. You can also consider supplementing  collagen, just to keep everything running as smoothly.

While winter is – probably – not out to ruin your life, it can make it pretty unpleasant. By fighting back, you can reclaim this winter as for the pretty lights and picturesque scenes.

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