A Guide to a More Modern Living Room

The modern living room is a very popular choice in the homes of today. There are lots of themes homeowners go for these days; shabby chic, vintage, and more. However, modern is a fresh and clean way to keep your home. So, what can you do to achieve a more modern looking living room? Use these tips to help you!


Geometric Patterns

Any kind of pattern can work in a modern living room, but geometric patterns look particularly nice. They are modern, funky, and fun all at the same time. They’ll add personality to your living room, even if you use them on just one wall. You can incorporate this kind of pattern in lots of ways. Wallpaper, stencils, decals, cushions, and more! Use your imagination and have fun with it.


Mixed Furniture

Who even matches furniture anymore anyway? People don’t think it will work, but mixing furniture rather than matching it is a great idea and it really works. Make sure you have the right space and amount of seating for it, and anything goes!


Wooden Floors

Wooden floors look so much more modern than carpet. You don’t even need to get real wood; laminate is acceptable and much cheaper. You can then use rugs and other materials to add texture if you’re scared of the room appearing too cold.

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Blinds are the more modern form of curtaining, so they will help your living room to look more modern. Roller blinds will allow you to create as much privacy as you like. You can choose the amount of light you let in, which is great depending on what you’re doing.



Metallics are great accessories to add to a modern living room. They add texture, an element of luxury, and can reflect light which helps the room to look bigger.



All modern living rooms should have art. It doesn’t matter what kind, how big, or how small – just include it! Pick something you love and frame it. Art always adds character and looks great.



Flowers add life to a room. Flowers like white lilies look amazing in a fresh, clean, decor but there are no limits. You could choose a colourful bunch of flowers if you liked, it’s completely up to you.


Lots of Texture

I’ve mentioned texture in this post already, but it should really have its own section. Texture is important! It’s a great way to update your decor in an instant. Include lots of texture in your modern living room to stop it from looking boring and flat.

Light Colours

Light colours will help your living room to look as modern, fresh, and clean as possible. However, you can still add a pop of colour here and there with accessories. Dark colours can work in some instances, especially black and white.


Use these tips in your living room and you can make it look so much more modern in an instant! Leave any tips of your own below. Thanks for reading!

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