A Guide to Improving the Ambience of Your Living Area

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Are you not feeling satisfied with the ambience in your living area? It sounds like it’s time for a change! You should always feel like your living area is a place for you to go when you want to relax or even brainstorm some ideas and get productive. There are a few things you can do to improve the ambience, and many of them are simple. Here we have a few different ideas you can use. Take a look and see how you get on:

Include Different Textures

Having different textures in the room can help to create an ambience. Lots of warm faux furs and things like that can make it feel so much cosier and calmer. Textures like this make some people feel relaxed too.

Have Different Sorts of Lighting

Having different kinds of lighting will help you to create whatever kind of atmosphere you like. You can dim it down to relax or turn it up to create a more awake energy, whatever you need. 

Use Colours and Finishes That Suit You

Something that feels like it has a calming or energetic ambience to some people, may not be the thing you find calming/energetic. You need to find colours and finishes that suit you. In general, there are colours that are supposed to signify calm/energy, but it can have a lot to do with personal preference too. Try to work out what kind of decor and materials help you.

Choose a Zen Furniture Arrangement

When arranging your furniture, make sure you go for a zen arrangement. This usually involves sofas and chairs facing each other to create a social seating area, but it can be any arrangement you feel will create this ambience you’re looking for. There are lots of tutorials on this online if you need help!

living room feature wall

Use Art to Make a Focal Point

You can’t have any kind of ambience without art. Art should be present in any good living area. Aim to create a focal point with art you love. Research shows that brain activity changes when art is present, so it can only be a positive thing!

Use Books

Again, all good living areas should include books. Have a shelf or bookshelf of your favourite books. You can even pick books just because they look good!

Use Patterns

There’s always room for a nice pattern or two. Try to incorporate them on your chairs, cushions, curtains, and things like that. Bear in mind that the more patterns you use, the more stimulating the room will be.

The patterns, colours, and materials you use will all depend on the ambience you want to create and your own personal preferences. Do a little research on different websites first so you get a feel for the kind of look you’re after. There are even applications you can use that will help you test materials/colours/and styles together before you make a commitment!


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