Back to school with Target

 Piping hot school bags

The minis (Mr 9 and Mr nearly 12) head back to school on the 30th January. I can’t believe my babies will be in year’s 4 and 6 respectively this year. Where does the time go?

Luckily, time isn’t an issue when buying back to school items for the boys at Target. They have everything covered. Bags, uniforms, stationery, shoes, lunch boxes, everything you can think of!

How great are the Piping Hot bags (above)? The boys love them and the bags were only $25 each! I paid $80 for similar bags last year, which is a tad silly when the bags get left around in dirt and breed moudly sandwiches.

We have been buying uniforms and back to school items from Target for roughly twelve years now. I wouldn’t shop there if the quality wasn’t great or their products weren’t affordable. Here are the boys in their uniforms bought from Target last year:

boys school uniform

I am quite surprised how a lot of the items are super cheap this year. Lunch boxes for $5 and drink bottles for $3. Even 5 piece back pack sets for $8! I love the nude food movers, you can get just about any container to fit snacks, muffins, cookies, sandwiches, even wraps! The food containers start at $2.

lunch containers


I bought a new lunch box each ($5), some sandwich containers ($2) and nude mover snack containers ($3). The boys school has been pushing for a nude food policy (I must need more coffee as I typed “nude school policy” instead of “nude food” erm… that would be kind of wrong!), so I better do the right thing and ‘be green’.

The plus side is I don’t get smelly, mouldy sandwich bags left in their school bags. Yuk! I can make the boys pop the containers in the dishwasher when they get home from school. Clean, hygienic lunch and snack containers.

Next up, we tried on several pairs of school shoes until the boys found pairs they like. The choice was staggering! The kids shoe area is huge!

Target shoe range

The boys shoes were only $25 each, which is fantastic. We usually buy the boys brand sneakers from the sports shop, so it will be interesting to see how the Target shoes go with my two rough nuts. Knowing Targets quality though, I’m sure the shoes will withstand the boys rough and tumble.

boys trying on shoes

To go with the new shoes, I bought ten pairs of white socks for $8. A weeks worth of socks for each son at $4 each = bargain!

To help you out with your back to school buying, Mummy of Style and Substance and Target are giving two lucky readers a $50 Target voucher each! Entries are open to Australian residents and winners will be notified by email.

Just complete the information below and you are entered into the draw!

Target voucher giveaway


  • cher

    Definitely need to buy some new lunch boxes ours are falling to bits.

  • chris

    I love that Target shoes are price for families and usually last very well!

  • sapna

    thanks for the chance to win…Target has the best prices.

  • LittlePoppet

    Love target. Socks are always going missing here so they’re on my list!

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